Monday, 10 October 2016

Real life drama


This photograph was taken as several women who have accused Bill Clinton of assault were seated in the front row of the audience before the debate. The Daily Telegraph called this a 'supreme piece of nastiness'.

Mr Clinton is not running for office, so he is not really relevant, except that Hillary is accused of pressuring one alleged rape victim to keep quiet.

But what theatre! What Victorian melodrama!

What a 19th century narrative painting it would make, were Bill in historical costume.

What Bill did is not relevant and it the action of a cruel bully to place all the women there - unless they all claim Hillary pressurised them to keep quiet. Do they? I haven't been following this stuff. 

I'd say from this Guardian article that Hillary has no answer as far as Bill's women are concerned. So yes it was very nasty of Donald Trump, though he was retaliating - Hillary started it by inviting someone who claims Trump cheated him to the front row in the first debate.

And I don't very much mind Hillary or any other presidential candidate being bullied. I feel a bit sorry for Bill, actually.

Poor Chelsea is starting to resemble her mother. Every woman's tragedy, as Oscar said.


  1. I take your point, though for me it brought to mind this painting of Barry's

    Unfortunately real politick is not just about theatre, if it were I would endorse him myself as the greatest and best, so the best player of all. I care not if he , Bill or Hillary fellate farm animals in the comfort of their private domains, they can have the private lives of rabbits for all I care.

    I do care about poor judgement, about rash decisions shot from the hip, and the potential for a third rate mind such as Trumps to hold one of the most powerful offices in the world. His nativist attitude would fail to impress even you the first time he said ' screw em ' to some deserving group because of good old bottom dollar.

    He is only good at making decisions that suit DT and frequently disadvantage others who have placed their trust and often financial livelihoods in his tiny hands.

    His poor judgement was displayed admirably in the sheer vulgarness of the debate last night and the levels of personal attacks, mostly on Bill rather than directly. His brazen admission not only of non federal tax payment but hinting at evasion were the most profound display of his arrogance and stupidity, that and his threats imprisonment . It's just not very statesmanlike.

    What if HC wins? I'm sure pardons will be in order for Bill and Obama, but Donald? I feel sure he has enough skeletons in enough cupboards to find something to stick once he is a failed candidate for the highest office.. ( oh and reports from his Secret service protection detail that he has the highest turn around of assigned agents of any candidate in the last forty wonders if they simply can't keep up with the pace of locker room banter onboard Trump one )

  2. Nate hates Trump I'm sure. But this is good..

  3. Honore Daumier or Hogarth would have done a slap-up job depicting that insane tableau.
    I notice you approvingly cite articles referring to Mr Clinton as a "rapist." People who despised Mr Clinton investigated those rape charges long and hard with full resources at their disposal. They came up with nothing. And the most prominemt accuser of Mrs Clinton intimidation tactics has basically backed up her claims with "I met Mrs Clinton once at a campaign rally and she looked at me funny." It is time to put the rape and coverup allegations to rest.
    Glad to see that you are finally realizing that Mr Trump will not do. That is good news.

  4. I know it's Reich but After last night I can see number 9 coming true

  5. Well, as Scott Adams says, you always know what to expect with him - a proportionate and immediate response. This was an attempt to destroy him. Historians will puzzle themselves to understand how such a puny accusation was supposed to bring a man down, and even more how the Clintons thought they could get away clean from this particular mud fight.
    Caroline Macafee