Monday, 17 October 2016

Secret Boris Johnson column favoured UK remaining in EU


A previously unpublished newspaper article written by British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson before the recent referendum campaign, in which he argued in favour of staying in the EU, somehow got into the hands of the Sunday Times. 

So what?

So he wrote out a pro and anti Brexit article, to see which one convinced him. Why not? His mistake was sending a copy of both articles to someone he thought was a friend.

It is well known that Boris was undecided, till Michael Gove persuaded him to back Brexit. Very many intelligent people I know were undecided until half way through, or changed their minds during, the campaign. Back in February my initial position was that we'd better stay in or Scotland would leave the UK. I now think Brexit makes Scottish secession slightly less likely than staying in.

And had Amber Rudd written a secret pro Brexit column would people make this fuss? I am sure lots of Tory MPs who were really Leave no doubt pretended to be Remain for career reasons.

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