Saturday, 8 October 2016

Trump boasts on tape of groping fans


Dr. Johnson said of Walpole that “he always talked bawdy at his table, because in that all could join.” At least one American President seems to have been of the same disposition. When Vernon Jordan was asked what he and Bill Clinton talked about when playing golf, Jordan replied: “We talk pussy.” Walpole’s combination of political skill and personal crudity is very Clintonian. 
John Derbyshire, 300 Years of Prime Ministers, Taki’s Magazine, May 14th 2015.

John F Kennedy did worse things than grope women but the electorate did not know about them during the closely fought 1960 election campaign. LBJ and Bill Clinton were no angels where women were concerned either. But Donald Trump boasting about his groping fans on tape might well be a fatal blow to his campaign. Yet not so bad that they necessitate his dropping out of the ticket - and this for the Democrats is the best possible outcome.

The Trump campaign has had the smell of failure about it after the (first) debate and now the Republican leadership will want to salvage their brand.

Is Pence for president the best option now? Americans require dignity in a president. They are unknowingly monarchists.

But Trump is not the man to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

And it is too late to remove his name from the ballot.

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