Saturday, 22 October 2016

Gallant little Wallonia


Wallonia, that submerged country, has vetoed the trade agreement between the EU and Canada. 

The Canadian Trade Minister, a lady, was in tears and said
"It is now evident to me, evident to Canada, that the European Union is incapable of reaching an agreement even with a country with European values such as Canada, even with a country as nice and as patient as Canada. Canada is disappointed. I am personally very disappointed. I worked very, very hard."
The UK may have to forget a deal with the EU and that might be no bad thing.

The EEC/EC/EU has been negotiating trade agreements for fifty years and you'd think they'd have agreements with most countries by now. Not a bit of it. Click on this map to see how few countries have concluded trade agreements with the EU.


  1. EU stalwart countries have massively passive-aggressive political elites, and they secretly yearn to just be told what to do by someone strict.
    We should send over some Roedean girl in an Emma Peel outfit to do the negotiating.

    Mark Griffith

  2. That's fine. The rest of the world trades with the EU with no trade deal without issue.

    In any case the rest of the world trades whilst the EU is a dying continent. Germany's economic miracle is based on cars to China and UK. It's illusionary at best even without Merkel's million "refugee" madness!

  3. Don't forget the unreformed banking crisis and DEBT. No the EU is history but that's why I find the the blinkered remainiac cause so frustrating. It's like a distant people coming across the munificent tradeing opportunity with Rome in AD450!