Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Blogging the US election


Who is winning? Possibly Trump.

I can't forgive myself for sleeping through referendum night so shall blog this.

BBC woman says Trump is 4% ahead in Florida with results of 99% of precincts in and he has good chance of being POTUS. I remember Tom Gallagher saying to me earlier this year 'Imagine Brexit plus Trump' and both seemed very unlikely to me.

If Trump wins the US 'll have a 2 party system. Trump v. GOP establishment.

A huge victory for Trump in Ohio projected - a 12% lead!

A clever Facebook friend has posted this:

If Gary Johnson knew what A "Leppo" was (according to the urban dictionary a "chronic masturbator") then I might find myself in an easier position, but I still defend my right to not support Hillary or Trump but see Trump as the moral choice. I think the world is a very fucked-up place, and defend my right to see Trump as terrible progress in the right direction (a bit like the French Revolution). I think that the Clinton Foundation is worse than Halliburton (Discuss). But both organisations are symptoms of the same problem. I voted to remain in Brexit, something that I think pragmatically as a member of the 1% was in my best interests. But I am ashamed of that decision. Maybe now we will just have to live through The Terror. Trump is the most cuddly patriotic "democratic" (at heart) way of changing everything that's wrong. Whatever comes after a Hillary Presidency, will be much more "racist!" "sexist!" but less "fascist!" than McCain, Romney or Trump. To use an old UK cartoon as a metaphor, Electing Trump would be crashing into a tree. One other thing to think about. If Trump doesnt win Florida, it's all over. The Democrats have registered 600,000 new hispanic voters, but republicans have only registered 50,000 This is a democratic trend. Cuban voters in Florida are 53% vs 41% for Trump so it won't be Tony Montana's fault if Trump wins... Once Hillary wins. and illegals are given amnesty and huge numbers of other economic migrants from the middle-east and Africa are invited Obama's legacy will be fulfilled and the USA will become a despotic one-party state. When this happened in Europe (under the Roman Empire) and in the world (under the British Empire) this was a good thing. Under Hillary Clinton, I'm afraid.

Retweeted Virginia Dare (@vdare):
Yeah it's almost like when you deliberately try to destroy an entire group of people, they get mad.
“A terrifying night, and not just because Trump might win. It turns out that there is a deeper rage in white, rural America than I knew 1/”

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