Thursday, 17 November 2016

Suddenly the gates of the PC prison start to open: II

Identity politics is a bag of snakes. Hillary lost due to black identity politics in 2008 and due to white identity politics in 2016. Hoist by her own petard.

To mix metaphors.

But it was not just about Hillary, who was certainly a weak candidate. Moderate and left-wing Democrats lost seats in Congress and in the states. 

Would another better Democrat candidate have won? Joe Biden is a nice man, but in a change election he, like Hillary, was the same old, same old. More left-wing candidates would have had the same problem.

And would another Republican candidate have done better or as well as the Donald?

Jeb Bush had no chance with an electorate that wanted something new. John Kasich sought fastidiously to distance himself from most of his party during the primaries, in the way that McCain did in 2012. This is why he wasn't nominated. Ted Cruz would have terrified many of the Democrats who switched parties to vote for Trump. Marco Rubio was nice but too callow and inexperienced. Cruz and Rubio had both favoured a partial amnesty for illegal immigrants before they changed their minds. Mitt Romney, who in his career in private equity (a.k.a. asset stripping) laid off so many workers, was not going to appeal to voters in the rust belt.

Was it a sudden decision by voters on the day to take a gamble on Donald Trump? The Washington Post has data to suggest that it was

Yet Brad Parscale, Trump's data analyst, was sure by the Saturday before polling day that Mr. Trump was going to win. 

He says that votes were moving Mr. Trump's way before the FBI Director's shock announcement that further emails from Hillary had been discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop. He thinks that neither the FBI nor the groping allegations changed the outcome. Trump won because people wanted change.

White identity politics appeared for the first time at this election and was the timely reaction to PC, a crazy way of thinking which was kept in place by rigorous thought policing. 

Ann Coulter yesterday had fun with this stuff.

In the modern Democratic Party, out-of-work coal miners are constantly denounced for their "privilege" by half-black girls at Yale -- who wouldn't have gotten in without the black half -- and who will be paid a quarter-million dollars as the "diversity coordinator" at some Fortune 500 corporation.
This was the kind of stuff to which many voters who don't like him hope that Trump will be the antidote. 


  1. You're a childless bachelor with a sizable midsection. Upon meeting you Ms Coulter would probably put on her gleeful smirk and call you a fat sissy.

    1. She would adore me. I know how to handle girls like her. Why not give your name?

    2. I have dealt with Ms Coulter on the lecture circuit. She "adores" no one unless they are big-time, and living in a place like Romania sure ain't that. She would not call you names as the poster suggests, she would just ignore you as she would ignore anyone else without a lot of money and access to US media.

  2. Sigh. This is why black people get touchy. Because no matter what they do, people like Ann Coulter say they haven't earned anything they get. That their achievements are just a false, puffed-up handout of white guilt. Don't you and Coulter know some talented black people who have worked hard and not simply been indulgently handed all their privileges? Coulter always sounds very mean, but I guess that's her schtick. If she weren't attractive no one would pay attention to a word that came out of her mouth. Privilege...

  3. It is fascinating to see how misinformation spreads: headlines to advance some narrative, no raw data, and puf out comes the verdict. Next, everyone takes the verdict as certainty, discusses why it happened, without any consideration whether the original narrative is true. In this case, the much touted headline of the 'whitelash'. Is it true? Raw data indicates NO. White vote gains for Trump the smallest of black/latino/asian/other vote gains:
    More, HC gains in republican vote and white college educated vote almost as much as trump gains in the famous white without college degree. Where is the whitelash? I think this is a 21st century example of sophism grand scale.
    Funny that this raw data is published by NYT of all publications..
    So to me, a lot of the bits moved around the world and through the good spinning satellites, the many tears, the many young people screaming in the streets for that last 2 weeks are just a waste of the God given energy.
    I have been thinking more and more about the Romanian defector's book (Pacepa) on Disinformation. It has come to pass.