Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Queen in this game is the Ace


The Queen will invite Donald Trump to Windsor speedily. She is the UK's not so secret weapon.

She meets all sorts in her job: Ceausescu, whom she knighted and later unknighted, the head of the IRA whose name I shall not utter, Mr. Corbyn, the Emperor Hirohito. 

Her grandfather knighted Mussolini and her father stripped him of the title, though I doubt he cared.

Mrs. May is 'trumping' Mr. Farage's card.


  1. God Bless Her, Queen Elizabeth!
    God Bless Her in all of her splendour!
    And Her unwelcome guests?
    Those vile loathsome pests,
    It's time they were returned to sender.

    Richard Wernick


  2. why should he care when he was a knight of the Order of the Holy Annunciation, members of which were addressed by the Italian King as "cousin".


  3. I hope he is suitably star struck.

  4. What was wrong with her inviting Emperor Hirohito?