Saturday, 5 November 2016

Why I hope Britain does not have an early election

I'd hate to see a British general election called now, even though my party would win by a landslide. And even though it would mean the end of moaning by the 48% of the population who voted to remain in the EU.

It would shoot our fox, Jeremy Corbyn. I don't want him to go. I want him to stay in place as leader of the Labour Party for four more agonising, painful years. An election defeat would let the left reset.


  1. An election would put Labor in a very awkward spot. If they say they'll support the will of the people they'll lose quite badly but they'll survive. If they give any indication that they will support the efforts to ignore the will of the people they'll suffer the worst defeat in their history. They will lose their traditional working class base, possibly permanently.

    And Theresa May will find herself with an enormous number of Tory MPs representing working class constituencies. Which may be a very good thing.

    Jeremy Corbyn is toast either way. Labor may try to rebuild itself as the Blairite party of the urban elites and immigrants but without the working class vote they'll be about as significant as the Liberal Democrats.

    1. It's a mistake to think working class pro-Brexit and middle class pro-EU. All classes were divided. Older people who grew up outside EEC tended to be for Brexit. 43% of graduates voted for Brexit. Most Labour voters voted Remain. Corbyn has no chance which is why I hope he leads his party till 2020.