Friday, 23 December 2016

Aleppo resident: Brutality of life under rebel control

I wonder when we shall learn how the rebel armies really treated people in Eastern Aleppo. A Syrian army officers has said that the rebels killed 100 prisoners just before evacuating.

At last some criticism of the rebels creeps into the BBC. These words from a man who escaped from Eastern Aleppo were broadcast on the World Service this morning.

Remember that in October Hillary Clinton repeated that toppling Assad was 'number one priority'.

The taking Eastern Aleppo by the rebels in 2012 was a mistake on their part. They could not hold it indefinitely because they did not have an air force and the government did. Some rebels quoted in the Wall St Journal admit that they are divided and unable to cohere. Which, considering that they include Al Qaeda and more moderate forces, is not surprising.

Apart from any other problem, a complete rebel victory would mean of course continued chaos and civil war in Syria.

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