Sunday, 18 December 2016

It wasn't Russian bombs that won Eastern Aleppo


We don't really know how many people were in Eastern Aleppo a month or two ago.

It's usually said with no evidence that they numbered a quarter of a million. It might well have been only a fifth of that.

Some were there because they were impoverished religious Sunnis, others because they disliked the government for other reasons, most, I imagine, because that was where they happened to live.

But next door in West Aleppo were up to a million people who much preferred to be under the rule of the regime, even though they probably disliked the regime.

Those people sometimes drank Turkish coffee in cafes. Some of them went to Mass each Sunday. They were occasionally bombarded from the rebel half of the city and some of them wept with joy when the government retook it.

More than half of Syrians are devout Sunni Muslims, but they have lived their lives in a secular state, don’t like the Muslim Brotherhood and loathe jihadis, who make up a large percentage of the rebel forces in Aleppo.

This is why the Syrian government won Eastern Aleppo.

The rebels continued fighting until the American election, waiting for President Hillary to reach office. In October she said, once again, that toppling Assad was her 'number one priority'.

Once Donald Trump won everything changed. 

Thank God the world was spared her. 

Now we can hope the war will end.


  1. Completely agreed with the final statement. Nadezda :)

  2. Let me see if I get this straight: al Qaeda killed 3,000 civilians in NYC; then killed more civilians in Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels, Nice (we'll leave out those in Africa and Asia for now)--but the West is weeping over the fate of al-Qaeda as defenders of Aleppo? Who are the imbeciles lighting candles for al-Qaeda in Paris and Berlin? I guess if they had been around, they would have wept over the liberation of Saigon or Algiers. What a generation of white worms!

  3. The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.” (Genesis 18:26)
    Abraham (in an Old testament art of the deal) managed to negotiate it down to ten people of course...