Sunday, 11 December 2016

Quotations of the Day


Very good lines by A A Gill who has just died, too young, of cancer, which could have been treated but not on the NHS. 

It reminds me of Evelyn Waugh's remark: "We are all born American. We die French."

Joanna Lumley: "Love everyone you meet from the moment you meet them. Most people will be lovely and love you back, and you can achieve the most wonderful things. But get rid of any of the bastards that let you down."

Tim Ferriss: "If you want the story of your life to be a happy one, edit your life frequently and ruthlessly."


  1. The best is a prolonged middle age: eat Lindt (or Toblerone) and drink Guinness.

  2. Another disingenuous attack on NHS, a beacon of civilisation, hated by the neanderthal right.
    He obviously wanted his inheritance to go to his children rather than pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for private medicine that would in all likelihood fail. Otherwise he would have paid and possibly be alive for a few more weeks.

  3. Alan, how is the NHS a beacon of civilization? It's not like the "neanderthal right" are anti-health or anti science. It is simply a matter of (civil, rhetorical) disagreement about the most efficient way to provide great health care (which includes innovation) to humanity. Where does all this blinding, raging, crippling hatred come from?