Sunday, 11 December 2016

Russians used dirty tricks to help Trump win - move along, nothing to see


The CIA is said to assume the Russians hacked the emails of Hillary Clinton's staff to help Donald Trump. There is only circumstantial evidence and the FBI is said not to be impressed by it. It's only Obama inspired leaks at present, but I am told CIA do think the Russians hacked the Democrats and I assume the CIA is right. 

But, though an interesting story, so what?

The Russians didn't hack the voting machines or register fake voters. They released emails that Hillary wanted kept private and caused her some embarrassment, though not really that much. Her dream, we learnt, is a borderless Western hemisphere, fuelled by 'green energy'. No big surprise there, though an excellent reason to vote against her.

No, this does not mean rerunning the election, people, or that the result is invalid.

The Obama administration interfered in the Israeli election and in the British referendum campaign, both times without getting what they wanted. Obama's interference won Leave many votes, a Readers' Digest poll has shown. The US spent $5 billion in Ukraine trying to undermine the government there, according to Mrs. 
Victoria Nuland, the Under - Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia. The Americans did get the result they wanted that time and then a lot of results they did no want.

As for foreign influence, there were a lot of donations from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation. Democrats fought to keep secret the emails which mentioned these payments.


  1. "Move along, nothing to see" indeed -- no need to fight yesterday's battle. The more problematic issue going forward is what the Washington Post refers to as Trump's likely "dysfunctional" relationship with the intelligence community. On national security, we have to hope that evidence predominates over prejudice and self-interest.

    1. Theirs not to question why. Theirs but to do or die.

  2. Obama did not "interfere" in the Israeli or UK election. He openly stated his preference. He did not hack or tamper.