Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 was a wonderful year

If you want to understand why I think 2016 was a wonderful year, I refer you to what I said at the end of 2015. I said that that year was 

a very tragic turning point in world history, because of Germany's inexplicable decision to take in a million soi disant refugees. The murders by ISIS in Paris might be a very useful wake up call for us to be conscious of Europe's huge demographic change, but alas I doubt it will wake up our rulers. If only we had a De Gaulle instead of being governed by the students of 1968 now become fat cat Eurocrats, quangocrats and university lecturers. And the quixotic daughter of an East German Communist pastor.

What a difference a year makes. The people have woken up and things begin to change. I am doubtful that 2017 will see further big changes like Brexit and President Trump, but I think both of these are going to do a lot of good. The people like a sleeping giant has awoken.

A lot of famous people died in 2016 but the only famous death that moved me was William Trevor's. And slightly Ronnie Corbett's who endured motor neurone disease.

I hadn't listened to Leonard Cohen nor Bowie except for Major Tom, a great song. What does sadden me is the people who have died in Syria and Yemen. And the drowned migrants for whose deaths Angela Merkel is, I'm afraid, to blame.

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