Sunday, 8 January 2017

Fake news is itself fake news


Fake news is itself fake news. The fact checkers spread untruths. Post truth politics is a fiction. It's all a way for people who think they are progressive to explain why the masses vote against progress and to try to stop them doing so in future.

Try to stop them, that is, by controlling what information the people have access to on the internet.

Facebook has already started controlling fake news but the political slant of Facebook is clear when you consider that some Facebook employees wanted to censor some of Donald Trump's remarks, on the ground that they constituted hate speech, and the discussion went all the way up to Mark Zuckerberg.

He ruled that censoring the Republican nominee for President really wasn't a good idea.

Donald Trump said that Barack Obama was the founder of ISIS and the fact checkers, Snopes of course, solemnly averred that this was false. This is all you need to know, really, about fact checking.

After Donald Trump petulantly said actress Meryl Streep was overrated, AP fact checked this

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  1. Brilliant. And note too that they (as you point out) pompously fact checked the throw away remark re Meryl's mediocrity but not the veracity of the insult to the crippled journo, which on close inspection turns out to be a misapprehension.