Thursday, 12 January 2017

In countless ways Romania is more civilised than England


In countless ways Romania is more civilised than England. A small example: girls wear high heeled snow boots.

Princess Martha Bibescu said that the Romanians are a Latin race who know their home should be in the south. Every winter seems to strike them with horror and astonishment. 

The snow seems to get shifted better nowadays. After they started using snow ploughs, 
the snow was piled up to a great height on the pavements and these embankments of snow were much more of a hazard to the long-suffering pedestrians of Bucharest than the snow itself or even the treacherous ice. If you wanted to cross the road at a busy junction (where I work, P-a Victoriei) there would be a 3 foot high hill of snow to climb and young women ahead of me climbing the snow in high heeled boots. 

I said in a Facebook status from 7 years ago: 'Getting to work this morning was like a 1970s disaster movie.' I suppose they played the love interest, I the humorous, eccentric Englishman. In Hollywood films English actors usually play the villain but I am probably too nice.

In Romania you can tell Western women by their sensible shoes while Romanian beauties career on vertiginous high heels. In other years even in the snow. A heavy metal fan told me 6 years ago that she gave high heels 5 more years but they still seem to be around.

The centre of Bucharest in the snow is beautifully silent and empty. More than a foot of snow.

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Lipscani seen from my terrace.

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The Romanian Government from my office window. The Prime Minister has a great view of my office.


  1. Ha ha this is funny
    Happy new year !

  2. Funny. We should relocate as a nation to a warmer climate which fits the personality of the people.

    But there is a clear difference here between the Otoman part of România, the old kingdom - and Transylvania where they do not cultivate some of the Latino culture we see here...

    Speaking of, there's no such thing as a Latin race in Europe and the Latinos have very little to do with the Romans
    Alex Alexe

    1. u lost it man! what r u talkin' about?

  3. Oh but there is.. there are 2 definitions of latinos (or ladinos):
    1.the language of some Sephardic Jews, especially formerly in Mediterranean countries. It is based on medieval Spanish, with an admixture of Hebrew, Greek, and Turkish words, and is written in modified Hebrew characters.
    2.a mestizo or Spanish-speaking white person in Central America.

  4. u lost it, hombre! try to write when u' re sober....:-); but u r funny, somehow funny