Sunday, 15 January 2017

Living in a poorly-written spy thriller

"Living in a poorly-written spy thriller is, frankly, getting kind of stressful." 

This line from the left-wing American paper Jezebel puts it well.  

I know it's partly the left-wing press's attempt to subvert Donald Trump but it is getting terribly weird.

At one point the US election seemed to hinge on what Julian Assange posted on the net from his laptop in his bedroom in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Then on highly confidential emails from Hillary Clinton on the computer of someone accused of sending pictures of his male member to young women. Now a dossier about prostitutes doing unspeakable things to Donald Trump in Moscow. 

Did the head of the FBI want to make Donald Trump President? Answer: obviously not, although Nobel laureate and prize ass Paul Krugman thinks he did. 

Does the CIA want to subvert Trump? Who knows? I doubt it but Peter Oborne thinks it does, abetted by MI6. It is extraordinary, as Bob Woodward said, that the CIA and MI6 took such a 'garbage dossier' seriously, with the result that it became public.

In fact living in a thriller is what we have all been doing since September 11th. Though some would go back further to the Cold War. Or even the German waiters scare of 1908.

Social media is full of bizarre conspiracy theories and what seems like and usually is fake news, but what could be less likely than Donald Trump becoming President of the USA? After the way he conducted his campaign, tweeting insults to girls in beauty contests. 

Or Angela Merkel inviting an unlimited number of migrants without papers to descend on Germany? 

Or Muslim immigrants killing innocent people around Europe? 

Or Great Britain leaving the E.U.?

Besides all that, Russia annexing the Crimea and fighting proxy wars in Ukraine seems tame.

I keep recalling that line, referring to the Edwardian thriller writer, from Graham Greene's The Ministry of Fear.
The world has been remade by William Le Queux.
Come to think of it, William Le Queux was responsible for the German waiters scare of 1908.


  1. Actually nothing could be less likely than Donald Trump becoming President.

  2. Here in Australia we still have fortifications built in the 1850s during the Crimean War to defend us from an imminent Russian invasion.

    Paranoia has been with us for a very long time. In fact ever since the rise of the popular press.

  3. Really? Fascinating. That reminds me of the Dogger Bank incident of 1905. Russians were paranoid about Japan. I wrote about it here.

  4. Funny that you should mention William Le Queux: I was reading his "Spies of the Kaiser" in Davos and when I walked around the town, my suspicions were aroused at the sound of high German. And, come to think of it, there were plenty of German waiters about!

    1. The only book I know my grandfather owned was one of his. The first paragraph described a hunchback and I lost interest and assumed he was trash until - the happiest moment on holiday in Burma - I read a story of his set in Cairo in a bound edition of the Strand Magazine in the Strand hotel Rangoon.

      I wish I could keep away from the internet and read books. I have recently had a moment of oriental fatalism when I thought, rather than try to fight the way the world is moving, one could just reread the Edwardians. Friends of mine do including the poetess Fiona Pitt-kethley.

      She by the way is a fan of WLQ.

  5. In what way is it 'obvious' that James Comey, Director of the FBI, didn't want Trump to become President? What other explanation can you offer for his unprecedented actions?