Thursday, 19 January 2017

Society cannot exist without inequality


I do not see in religion the mystery of the incarnation but the mystery of social order: it links the idea of inequality to heaven which prevents the rich person from being murdered by the poor. How can there be order in the state without religion? Society cannot exist without inequality of fortunes and the inequality of fortunes could not subsist without religion." (Napoleon.)

The priests and professors no longer justify inequality but inequality is necessary and must be justified.


  1. Paul you are the perfect example of the privileged criticising the unprivileged for envy. I wish I could say it was disgust that fills me when I read your posts, but mostly it is pity that such a splendid education was wasted on so souless man who wasted it.

    1. David in Banja Luka19 January 2017 at 14:17

      I can't see any criticism by Paul of the "unprivileged" in the above post. There is veiled criticism of "priests and professors".

      "it is pity that such a splendid education was wasted on so souless man who wasted it"

      It takes one to know one.

    2. David yes yes sticks and stones will break my bones etc but It's so difficult to argue with the ill equipped like you. It makes my head hurt thinking down to your level but I will suffer it. I'm aware of that lack of implicit criticism or disdane in that particular post, but having followed his blog for long enough and met him enough times I'm well aware of Paul's hypocritical approach to equality, that is equal for him and those he deems worthy ,but not others, he knows it you know it, you're just being facetious for the sake of it. He well knows my views and that I do not just ' talk the talk '

    3. David in Banja Luka19 January 2017 at 19:24

      I decline to feed the troll, get back under your bridge :D.

    4. David, thank you for putting in a word for me.

    5. Yes thanks, Mr Bailey as so many others have rushed to the defence your were in danger of being crushed. Paul , I have some very good words for you, but I will save them for an opportunity to use them in person.

    6. David in Banja Luka22 January 2017 at 13:15


      Please don't mention it.

      No-one likes a bully especially one who writes as if he is foaming at the mouth ;).

      Enjoy your Sunday.

    7. Although as a Christian and a conservative I should take a poor view of human nature I don't remember to or not often enough. But the Internet does reveal the human race in an unflattering light
      Admittedly a certain type of person is drawn to Internet comments. But the mam who loses his temper instantly makes himself ridiculous. Odd that many people don't know that. I used to get regularly accused of being a Nazi.

    8. I am having great time in Cyprus. Expect an account. North Cyprus is great.

    9. David that must be why so many people find Paul so distasteful, and Paul you still are with regularity. As for my bullying, I think it's thuggishness actually. I rarely lose my temper , though I often bait hypocritical commentators to reveal their own flaws. I was taught long ago that every finger pointed reveals the three pointing back, i will grant you are the plainest conservative I ever met, however I dispute that you are anything but a professed christian.

  2. We will always as you say argue from different premises.You believe the masses should be downtrodden and kept in place, some strange hybrid of animalistic survival of the fittest and ultra orthodox conservatism with an extremely small c, while I believe they should be raised up from underfoot and helped if necessary as no one is anyone else's better in mine or God's eye, no pig is more equal, all deserve a place at the trough.