Tuesday, 17 January 2017

What a difference eight months makes

"U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday it was "inappropriate" for Donald Trump to brand German Chancellor Angela Merkel's refugee policy "a catastrophic mistake".
"I thought frankly it was inappropriate for a president-elect of the United States to be stepping into the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner," Kerry told CNN."
Today on CNN.

"US President Barack Obama has warned British voters that the UK would find itself "at the back of the queue" for a trade deal with the US if they vote against staying in the European Union in the June 23 referendum.British proponents of a so-called Brexit said they were outraged that an American president appeared to be trying to influence the outcome of such a crucial vote.
Obama said on Friday during his three-day visit to London that the UK's influence on the world stage was "magnified" by its membership of the 28-member bloc.
"I think this makes you guys bigger players," he said at a joint news conference with David Cameron, the British prime minister."

23 April 2016, St George's Day. This intervention won votes for Leave, a Readers' Digest opinion poll showed.

President Trump should be better for Great Britain than Mr. Obama who told us to go to the back of the queue. These words, incidentally, were clearly drafted by someone in UK, presumably by George Osborne, as Americans don't know the word 'queue'. They say 'line'.

No doubt Donald Trump's words will help Frau Merkel win votes.


  1. Obama was the president. Trump has been blathering on and butting into government ahead of his allotted time. Funny how people who claim to respect tradition are fine with that because he is their guy. Trump is a very mean, petty individual. You will see.

    1. David in Banja Luka18 January 2017 at 17:17

      "Obama was the president."

      A lame duck, a dead man walking, his "legacy" tottering since Trump won the election.

      A Nobel peace prize winner - what a joke!

      Wrt to Trump he may well be "a very mean, petty individual". Who cares?

      At least he is not Hillary, i.e. a warmongering, bankster moll, who enabled her husband to sexually harass many women.

  2. George Will, in the National Review, likens Trump to the waterbeetle described by a favority of yours, Hilaire Belloc:
    He flabbergasts the Human Race
    By gliding on the water’s face
    With ease, celerity and grace;
    But if he ever stopped to think
    Of how he did it, he would sink.

  3. Ha ha ha ha. Very true. Belloc never lets you down.