Monday, 6 February 2017

The Romanian protests, populism and Brexit

The baby boomers, eternal children that they are, have much to answer for, but now they are trying to put things right, with Brexit and (though we'll see how that goes) with Trump. You might call it a shaft of light before the sun sets.

That's how I see it, anyway.

Some people see the protests of the last few days in Romania as people power in defence of E.U. values and a contrast to Brexit. The people in the streets were protesting for honesty, probity, the rule of law and democracy. Up to a point those are EU values, though not confined to the EU. Beyond that point they are not. 

It's certainly true that the Social Democrat government who recently won power here by offering pension and pay increases that the economy cannot afford are in the true sense of that much misused word populists. If any parallel can be drawn, Brexit seems to me a comparable exercise of people power to restore democracy.

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