Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A realist US foreign policy, regime change in Romania and a slow motion coup in America


Today's Daily Telegraph has a piece by Con Coughln, a journalist who always strikes me as being close in his thinking to MI6 and the British defence establishment, expressing fears lest Donald Trump not realise the danger Iran poses for the US's allies. 

There is no doubt that Iran does, of course - the Middle East is riven by a conflict between the Sunni powers, including the Saudis who are in effect allied with Israel, and the Shias. This is what the wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are about.

And there is no sense whatever in the USA abandoning traditional allies.

But nor, as Mr. Obama realised and Hillary did not, is there any reason why the US should fight their wars for them.

There is not and never has been any 'Special Relationship' between the US and the UK. Few people in the USA even know the phrase. The only Special Relationship the USA has is with Israel. 

But because it is such a fixed point in geopolitics people forget that it does not go back further than President Lyndon Johnson and it came into being for the same reason as the US Saudi alliance, to contain the USSR. 

America and Israel were not always close. Back in 1948 the USSR was the first country to recognise Israel, Stalin assuming that the Jewish state would become Communist. In 1956 Israel took part with Britain and France in the invasion of Egypt, until Eisenhower forced them to pull out.

The USSR no longer exists and nor does the danger it posed to the Gulf and to Europe. Like Nato these alliances are, if not obsolete as Mr. Trump called Nato, then at least hangovers from another age.

Professor John Mearsheimer is always worth reading. I recommend clicking on this article entitled "Donald Trump Should Embrace a Realist Foreign Policy". 

He argues that

Instead of trying to garrison the world and spread democracy, the Trump administration should concentrate on maintaining the balance of power in the three regions that are vital to U.S. security: Europe, East Asia and the Persian Gulf.
East Asia and Europe are important because they are the key centers of wealth and have long been home to the world’s other great powers. The Persian Gulf is a core strategic interest, because it produces about 30 percent of the world’s oil, which is a critical resource for the functioning of the global economy. America’s main goal in each of these regions should be to prevent the rise of a regional hegemon.
The good news is that no country is strong enough to dominate Europe or the Gulf for the foreseeable future.
China of course is a rising hegemon in East Asia.

Professor Mearsheimer therefore hopes for detente with Russia. He fears that Mr Trump will be turned by the bipartisan American foreign policy establishment. 

It's slightly odd that Mr Trump, whose thinking on so many things is strikingly original, is accused of bigotry, which means having a closed mind, by people who themselves are deeply attached to traditional assumptions.


Romanians know, without being told, that secret services play their own political games without reference to their supposed political masters. The CIA's role in leaking against the US administration does not surprise them in the least.

The Romanian Secret Service is accused of bringing evidence to the attention of the Anti Corruption Agency (DNA) for occult reasons. This is the background to the recent attempt by the Romanian government to reduce the authority of the DNA and the current protests in Bucharest. These aim at bringing down the recently elected left-wing and (in the true sense of the word) populist Romanian government.

The role of the Romanian Secret Services is as always very murky and more and more question marks hang over it. But even more today hang over the role of the CIA.

It becomes more and more likely that people in the CIA  are at present trying to undermine the newly elected President, three weeks after he took office, at a time when opponents and even people within his party are already talking about his impeachment. 

It would seem that people in the CIA have achieved their first success very quickly by leaking classified information suggesting that retired General Flynn acted improperly in talks he had with the Russians before he became National Security Adviser. I do not see how he did but he resigned.

President Trump said an hour or two ago that Mr. Flynn is a 'wonderful man' who has been treated unfairly. So it looks, but in that case why did the President force him out?

He sounded a promising talent and this will have whetted the appetite of the President's enemies for blood. 

They are disseminating the idea that Mr. Trump and his people are in league with the Russians and therefore are a security threat to the USA itself. And in such chaotic and frankly alarming times the story will be believed by many.

This is more byzantine by far than anything the Romanian Secret Services were ever accused of.

Mr Trump is in office but not in power, which is inevitable at this point, and is being sabotaged by people sympathetic to the last administration. 

He has got rid of many people in the administration but he would have done better to have got rid of many more - as is often done when one company succeeds in a hostile takeover of another.

Instead we may be seeing the start of a slow-motion coup in America.

Perhaps the people who draw parallels between the protesters here in Bucharest and the internationalist opponents of Donald Trump and populism have a point after all. 

The people protesting in front of the Romanian government building have my sympathy, because they are protesting for the rule of law and a crackdown on corruption, but they, like the people fighting against Donald Trump in the USA, are allied with part at least of the secret services in a fight to overturn a newly elected government.


  1. Nice article

    You wrote: "The Romanian Secret Service is accused of bringing evidence to the attention of the Anti Corruption Agency (DNA)"

    But have they been accused formally.

    Also, are you pro-Trump?

    1. There have been accusations, especially recently by Sebastian Ghiță. Did you follow this story?

      Read Alina Mungiu-Pippidi.

      The SRI provides the evidence on which DNA acts and is accused of doing so for occult reasons, not something that seems, I'd have thought, unlikely.

      For my thoughts on Trump please scroll down my blog.

  2. There is not and never has been any 'Special Relationship' between the US and the UK.

    Here in Australia we also delude ourselves that we a 'Special Relationship' with the US. It's pathetic.

  3. I agree with all the sentiments in the article. Liked your point about trumps originality, not bigotry. That seems very true. Been reading/writing about jfk, almost finished. After narrowly averting ww3 over Cuba, he took on the deep state and lost

    1. I do not believe in theories that Kennedy was killed by anyone other than Oswald but I do think we might be witnessing a slow-motion coup in the USA. Some left-wing Romanians say the same about what is happening in Romania but that's another story and the parallels are not very close.

    2. but I do think we might be witnessing a slow-motion coup in the USA.

      I'm not one for believing in conspiracy theories but it certainly looks that way. We may be witnessing the death-throes of democracy in the US. Which could mean the end of democracy everywhere - if Trump is successfully toppled then there will no longer be any point in the globalists maintaining the charade of democracy.

      It's suddenly starting to feel a lot like the 1930s, except nowadays the fascists call themselves anti-fascists.

    3. "It's suddenly starting to feel a lot like the 1930s, except nowadays the fascists call themselves anti-fascists."

      The anti-fascists who are running around suppressing free speech and attacking anti-invasion patriots are exactly who they say they are: Marxist anti-fascists.

      The fascists were the ones who tried to expose globalist rule of mammon behind the charade of 'democracy' which is destroying every European country today. They arose in reaction to the violence and chaos created by the left.

  4. Even if Trump and Flynn were literal KGB agents it'd still be better than the alternative - which is rule by a deep state of 'loyal American' open borders cultural Marxists e.g. ex-CIA agent Ed McMullin.

  5. All democracies are slow motion civil wars

    Silas M

  6. David in Banja Luka16 February 2017 at 14:08

    "The only Special Relationship the USA has is with Israel."

    And the other kingdom?

  7. Trump plainly has brought this problem on himself, due to his lack of integrity. He is surrounded by lackeys who only compound his problems. I do not believe he is a KGB agent (let us dispense with the straw men). The question may be far more banal. Has he borrowed from Russian banks and oligarchs? Is his independence compromised? When will he release his tax returns as promised?

  8. No of course there is no reason to suppose he is a KGB agent any more than Obama was a Muslim. According to Larry Watts a number of heads of state were including Kadar, Jaruuzelski and Kekkonen of Finland. But what does it mean when a head of state is a KGB agent?

  9. I invite you to disapprove of CIA operatives trying to undermine an administration, if that is what is happening, however much you dislike the president.

    1. If done for love of country, then they are whistleblowers.


  10. Why? Their oath is not to the President but to the Country and to protect it from enemies both foreign and domestic. Besides the leaks came from Justice and State

  11. The brief history of the 'Russian connection' is: Trumps invites Russians to find the lost HRC email (sarcastically) -> HRC launches the Trump Wikileaks Russians connection campaign line ("backed by unnamed intelligence agencies") -> scandal doesn't stick, Dems loose election -> vote recount effort -> recount finds loads of illegal votes in Detroit -> recount stopped -> Wikileaks Russian connection reboot, but alas, no tangible evidence -> Wikileaks denies Russian origin, point to inside leak -> Flynn caught talking to Russian ambassador and not disclosing to M Pence -> Flynn resigns -> still no proof -> alas still no impeachment material.. So again, there is nothing creative coming from the so called Resist camp here in the US, just trying to milk an old cow. They are the retrograde bunch, sticking to this unreal, un-affordable lifestyle. However, the resist camp in Romania is something I am quite proud of.

    1. Carry on the story please: there were contacts, despite denials, even before the election. There is smoke, there are questions, there will be investigations. You sound desperately Nixonian -- a third-rate burglary?

  12. Funny how the same people screaming over non-existent “Russian interference” in US Policy are the same ones who absolutely refuse to defend America's own borders and are attacking Trump for doing so.

    California is practically lost but anti-Trump cuckservatives are screaming that we need to force Russia out of Crimea, against the wishes of its inhabitants. It's obscene.

    In the shitlib journalist universe, Flynn talking to Russian officials means ties to that government, but doing the same with Mexico, Saudis, Israel, doesn't. AIPAC practically controls the US Congress yet they talk about “Russian interference”. It’s like living in an asylum.

    It’s just another reflection of our current anti-white, anti-Western hegemonic culture. Selling out to Saudis, Mexicans, Chinese is fine because they aren't white Europeans, but look at these Russians! Stop them!

    1. One could equally ask why Trump, who so assiduously banned green card holders and children from entering the US seems so oblivious to the cyber-vulnerability of the country. We can rant tendentiously any which way.

    2. Not sure what you are talking about - California is doing very well and is adjusted for the knowledge economy.

      On the other hand the Midwest, where Trump won, is not doing well and people are unhappy- which is why he won.

      But they have no immigration problem, their problem is that millions of manufacturing jobs have migrated to Asia in the last 30 years.

    3. One might ask: what good is the 'knowledge economy' sans material things? One hopes we won't get shattered to the state where the only valuable left is food (see dark ages), because no amount of knowledge would feed these enlightened and very well aligned minds. The tragedy of the leftist mind I think, is that it lacks perspective.

  13. CIA may have its reasons to go after Trump - but counter-intel is under the FBI. The Flynn thing came from the Justice Dept/ FBI.

    Now that Pete Sessions is in charge of the Justice Department (and by extension of the FBI) I think things will change there as he is a close Trump ally. Trump is probably safe from that angle.

  14. E timpul sa ne gandim daca Antena3 si RomaniaTV pun sau nu in pericol siguranta nationala.
    Daca posturile astea sunt lasate sa emita la un moment dat vor veni Floricica dansatoarea & friends cu furci si topoare sa ii omoare pe toti dusmanii poporului: protestatarii OUG13, sorosisitii, iohannistii, DNA, multinationalele si apoi sa ne scoata "democratic" din NATO si UE.
    Mai ales NATO, structura asta ce oprima Romanii de 5000 de ani. Dar nu Turcia si Rusia, ei mereu au fost finuti cu noi.

  15. Milo Y's Halitosis22 February 2017 at 02:14

    Obama had people try to confound him at every turn. They were called the GOP Congress. Dealing malicious opposition is part of the job. Trump is a big boy--let's see what he can do.