Sunday, 26 February 2017

Donald Trump, free speech and impaling liberals

If you have time, Mark Steyn is, as ever, eloquent about free speech here

In a speech yesterday he argued that proposed legislation in Canada that would criminalise criticism of Muslims “is not benign and harmless; it will lead to more violence because it says you cannot discuss these issues in public. In countries where there is no free speech, shooting, killing and violence are the only ways to make your opinions known.” 
“I am a phobe about phobias,” said Steyn, who noted that if you wait long enough “there’ll be a new phobia” for whatever the left want people to stop discussing.
I am just about old enough to remember when free speech was a left-wing demand. This ages me. I was only a young child, of course.

A Swedish friend told me yesterday that, since Mr. Trump made his throwaway remark about Sweden last week, Swedes are busy debating the issue of immigration. 

Swedes are a very conformist people and people there have been ashamed to voice criticism of the fact that Sweden has accepted more asylum seekers by far, in proportion to her total population, than any other European country save Germany. 

Whatever else Donald Trump does, he is effortlessly widening the scope for permitted discourse, which has been narrowed to a remarkable degree by politicians and especially by academics. 

This has consequences for the modern left, which bases much of its political programme on identity politics. Identity politics obtains legitimacy by preventing discussion. 

The President (how odd that still sounds) is a troll of genius and it's fun to watch him. For example, when he quoted on Friday a friend who told him that 'Paris is no longer Paris'. 

If the left rise to the President's bait they are impaled on his hook. They thereby do his work for him. 

But I quite see that they have no alternative to being noisily outraged. They have been triggered. 

Like Luther, here they stand and they can do no other.


  1. "'s fun to watch him. For example, when he quoted on Friday a friend who told him that 'Paris is no longer Paris'."
    Sounds like a lousy sequel to "Is Paris burning?"

  2. It's also fun to watch the way the world unfolds: HRC was part of the Watergate team against Nixon, and she lost her last chance to the title 'Most powerful woman' and maybe another Nobel price for something or another, partly due to her deep corruption and secretiveness/recklessness, that significantly surpass the Watergate affair. Next, Obama is raising a belated Watergate-like scandal due to his FISA approved request to wiretap Trump and most likely actually executing on the approved FISA, trying desperately to save the Democratic Party from it's spiraling loss of credibility. And these are just the small cycles going around... One may reliably observe that God has an acute sense of humor.
    It is as clear as day that the Democratic Party is auto-destroying. I am quite sorry to see this pitiful grasp for air, although this may elevate other parties to the national level, and this may be a good thing. Trouble is that this squirming may destabilize confidence in the markets, and this would be tragic for the whole world.

  3. Are you crazy?the DP are not dead, they polled 5% more nationally than the GOP, they just played a bad game and lost on points had they not run with HRC they would have won . 2020 will see a changed demographic and the GOP further down the ladder than it has ever been, it will eat itself trying to gain distance from a demagogue they created.