Tuesday, 7 February 2017

New words

I learnt four new words today: midden, orthogonal, doxxing and dreek. 

Usually I learn that many a year. 

I am not sure the latter two are really words, but it is not allowed to call some words slang and others real words: that contradicts the entire spirit of the age.

I also came across a word I last met when as a boy I read Malory's Morte d'Arthur: leman.


  1. Dr. Samuel Johnson: [places two manuscripts on the table, but picks up the top one] Here it is, sir. The very cornerstone of English scholarship. This book, sir, contains every word in our beloved language.
    Blackadder: Every single one, sir?
    Dr. Samuel Johnson: Every single word, sir!
    Blackadder: Oh, well, in that case, sir, I hope you will not object if I also offer the Doctor my most enthusiastic contrafribblarities.
    Dr. Samuel Johnson: What?
    Blackadder: "contrafribblarities", sir? It is a common word down our way.
    Dr. Samuel Johnson: Damn!
    [writes in the book]
    Blackadder: Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I'm anaspeptic, phrasmotic, even compunctuous to have caused you such pericombobulation.

    I'm suprised as both a history scholar and a child of the sixties you had not come across midden ,because it was in such common usage until the 1980's and any archaeology 1.01 mentions digging of them in the first pages as does any middle english course

    1. Mizzen, of course, I know from Hornblower in my 1970s childhood. I also know what a powder monkey is and was described as one in my first job.

    2. There was said to be a Hungarian dictionary which found or coined a Magyar version of every word, with no imported foreign words at all except one, niblik.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HoiKoIZ7wwo

  3. Joan Bakewell of 1970's vintage is my ideal woman in all aspects..

    1. The thinking man's crumpet, of course. We have different tastes. She is irritatingly pro-abortion and leftish too. For me the sexiest woman of the 1970s was probably Mynah Bird, perhaps followed by Cleo Rocos.