Wednesday, 8 February 2017

"Resist" is written in the snow in Piaţa Victoriei

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Thanks to Ciprian Muntele.


  1. the funny part is that the west think this is a left movement... in reality is quite a pro justice and pro order, anti left govern movement...

    the Romanians fight for justice, and Soros supported Al Jazeera thinks that they hate Trump... lol

    if you ask Romanians about the migrations... Trump will win here with 99% of the vote

    all he had to do is promise justice and no migrants... and bam, instant win... and if he added "make Romania GREAT"... oh boy... he will be elected KING on the spot

    yes, we live in a socialist country, but we are as radical left as it can be... just like Poles, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Croats, Ukrainians and all others here

    even our socialists are more right that Europe's most far right parties... if a Romanian listen to Le Pen he will agree 99.99% of the time... and that is without even having their problems here (Muslim terrorism and all that crap)

    so again... is a different kind of "Resist"...
    it is a very pro-right one

    1. I agree that this, of course, is a protest by the right and the towns against the left and the impoverished countryside. In the West being on the left is less and less about looking after the interests of the poor and the workers and more and more about immigration, feminism, homosexuality etc.

      The right in Romania is or pretends to be in conflict with the vested interests of the post-Communist 'structura'. Most people here on the left and the right in modern Western terms have very right wing views on social issues.
      Yes Trump's views on immigration and Muslims would be very popular here. Most people I talk to don't like him but many do. Those who think him awful and scary almost all agree with him on immigration though.