Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The backlash against Trump will help him

Here is wise advice that is going the rounds among traumatised Democrats in the USA during this very painful time for them.
"Here are 10 steps to go through these times with dignity and gain strength.
1. Don't use his name;
2. Remember this is a regime and he's not acting alone;
3. Do not argue with those who support him--it doesn't work;
4. Focus on his policies, not his orange-ness and small hands;
5. Keep your message positive; he wants the country to be angry and fearful because this is the soil from which his darkest policies will grow.
6. No more helpless/hopeless talk
7. Support artists and the arts
8. Be careful not to spread fake news
9. Take care of yourself; and
10. Resist!"
Wise Democrats realise that they may well help Donald Trump by their backlash against him, a backlash which he clearly wants to provoke. 

Like a judo player, Mr. Trump uses his opponents' strength against them.

Trump, of course, is not really a Republican at all. His big test is whether he can remake the Republicans from scratch. Unless he does so, he is not really in power. At the moment he is vulnerable.

The most important question for us in the Old World is: will his ideas be copied in Europe? Steve Bannon is trying to make this happen and is bringing Breitbart to Europe to help Le Pen and AfD.

There never were more interesting times, since the end of or probably since the start of the Cold War.

The only one of those ten pieces of advice that is mistaken is 3, at least as far as social media is concerned. One trolls people in the social media partly for fun but also to convert by-standers and lookers-on, not the person one trolls. He is just the stooge.


  1. sadly you cannot actually believe that Trump is evil when he by himself destroys SJW culture

    why is he called a racist? because he wants to keep ILLEGALS out?
    does not everyone else does it?

    and if he said "they don't send us their best"... do you know for real that those guys that cross the border illegal are "the best"?

    he only said the truth, yet for each of his word the left demonize him and exaggerate it out of proportions

    he is evil, he is rapist, he is HITLER... you name it
    they even called him "jew hater"... while his daughter married a jew and he has a jew nephew...

    not to mention that he strongly supported Israel from day one..

    they called him any possible name in the book
    and that is not because he is evil... that is because the liberal are DESPERATE to save face

    they have to blame this on something.... on racism, sexism, mysoginism, islamophobia... and so on...

    but we all know why the liberals lost
    they lied and lied and lied for 8 years!

    Trump is not evil, is not Hitler, is not a Nazist
    he is just baiting them day on and day off so that their entire world implodes in its own indignation and outrage

    he does what Milo does each day... aggressively triggering them with each tweet and each speech

    and he wins... each day a liberal loses his shit and start trowing labels and exaggerating... he wins
    each time a SJW burns the American flag, he wins
    each time a leftist outlet bashes him, he wins

    and he will continue to win until the left start looking into mirror and realize what the hell they did in the last 8 years

    from gender politics to labeling all opponents are "racists, sexists, islamophobes, homophobes" to silencing their own dissidents

    the left acted just like the communist acted in Romania for decades!

    media censorship, dissident bashing, opponent labeling as fascists... all these done in a western democratic capitalist country!!!

    Trump may not be the hero we wanted... but is the hero we got.
    He better finish destroying this demented radical left or the entire western world goes to hell really really fast.

    No one likes Trump, but everyone knows that if he fails to take on the liberals there will be no more "western" world...

    let's all hope he finish his fight and wins... so far no one else managed to do as much damage as the left cult as he did...

    and the true liberals and libertarians will do good to at least shut up and not defend the authoritarian left... we all know that the left has to get rid of its radicals but no one acted so far and who dared to act was quickly silenced by the party

    so yes, please relax, enjoy the destruction of this demented left, and hope for a better, less demented left

    also please take a break from the left media and chill a bit on the trump train at trump/reddit...

    you will not feel at all bad and your eyes will open a bit... just like you did recently with Syria...

    we call this "eye opening experience" the red pill moment
    have fun, and you will thank me later

    1. By demonizing the left, you do exactly what you claim the left has done to the right. This will never end until we spiral into the ground. Sad.

  2. Trump is a troll of genius, which is exactly what the Western world most needs now.