Saturday, 25 February 2017

Too much internationalism

"Trump has many problems, some of them self-inflicted. But the generality is for the better, massively." Rod Liddle today.

I agree.

I asked Rod Liddle the day before the US election which candidate I should support and he said 'God knows'. He said that he backed Trump by the narrowest sliver over Hillary. 

By that stage, I was completely unable to choose between the two. But when the results started to come in I was sure that the Americans had made the right decision.

I used to take left wing opinions seriously, but now can't. Left-wingers to me always sound like undergraduates.

Age perhaps, wisdom perhaps and maybe they have just ran out of ideas (but so had the right till a moment ago).

Politics is now about national sovereignty (a.k.a. democracy) versus internationalism. When I said, on a left-wing Facebook friend's wall last year, that the big problem nowadays was too much internationalism she said, 'How can you have too much internationalism?' Her friends were equally bewildered and shortly afterwards she blocked me.

Yes, the new President is frightening and preposterous. A man of bad character, a draft dodger, a vulgarian, a braggart, a bully and a monster. I know.

While Mr. Trump seeks to remake conservatism, Mrs. May is trying to do so too. Peter Hitchens said, a while back, that the Labour Party no longer care about the poor and the Tory Party no longer care about the nation. I think the Tories under Mrs May (who, in my eyes, has many faults) now care about both.

She is trying to triangulate between Messrs. Cameron and Trump. 


  1. What is unacceptable is to not accept someone's opinion
    If we went down that route we're in N.Korea. I disagree with your views but find them refreshing and a useful challenge to my complacency

  2. It is not about either. Today there is simply a global elite who want their cake and to eat it. Freedom of movement for capital but not people. Freedom from taxation, if you earn enough. Freedom of trade, if it is on your terms. Freedom to consume but not to pay environmental penalties

    Trump is hypocrisy embodied and emboldened. Promoting a global brand that is little more than a trademark based upon debt and dubious capital ,while at the same time promoting Mr Mercers agenda of bigotry and nationalist pap wrapped in made in China tat.


  3. CEO of Renaissance Technologies and their associated Hedge funds, brains behind Cambridge Analytics the algorithm writers for election management strategies for military psyops worldwide , the Money behind Briebart and Donald Trumps largest single donor to the tune of $21m


  4. Probably another case election loss blues hysteria:
    It's just mind games in the high spheres of the 'elites', and the subsequent search for meaning from us, the rest of the minions.

  5. Internationalism, sovereignty, capitalism, socialism - these are all such loaded terms which "mean so many different things to people. I, for one, see no problem with internationalism if it means that I am allowed to go where I please and trade with whom I please. If, on the other hand, it means that I have to accommodate people in my community and pay for them, and be forced to pay lip service to their culture, I wouldn't be as thrilled about internationalism.

    I am sure that the author of this blog would be a lot more favorable of internationalism if he were a Romanian aspiring to lead a peaceful, productive existence in the UK, instead an Englishman aspiring to lead a peaceful, productive existence in Romania. When you are allowed to live anywhere and travel anywhere, you have the luxury to be against "internationalism".

    1. Internationalism is not about free movement of people in the EU or out of it. Internationalism can mean a lot of international law that restricts decisions by democratic votes. Internationalism can mean the liberal fallacy that free nations do not have conflicting interests. Internationalism is a good thing and makes, we hope, for peace, but it can go too far and has.

    2. Lord ('Chris') Patten, accused of being a liberal internationalist, said what else is there to be? He also said in 2011 that, "As an EU member, Turkey would add a new dimension of massive historic importance. Europeans would show that we could embrace an Islamic democracy and build a strong bridge between Europe and Western Asia.That, in turn, would create a new European identity and narrative, a new reason for the EU to exist in this century, a way of rejecting the divisive politics of old." This view was shared at the time - and now in theory- by leaders of all the EU states, most of all by David Cameron and William Hague.

      I wrote this about the search for a borderless world.

    3. That is my point exactly! That internationalism can mean many things to many people and is thus a loaded term. The EU used to be about "good" internationalism (free movement of people and goods), and has since morphed into "bad" internationalism (loss of local and national sovereignty and excessive centralized bureaucracy and power). I don't think you must necessarily have both aspects at the same time, it's not like the tendency for centralized power and bloated government is a result of internationalism.

    4. I mean by internationalism nations cooperating rather than acting in their narrow self interest. A good thing obviously but one that has gone too far. This is why Donald Trump won.

      Immigration has nothing to do with internationalism. Have you noticed that 'it's against international law' is adduced often in discussions to stop argument, as if all international law was given to Moses and is above discussion?

  6. Instead of weak old liberalism and internationalism , there is now only free movement of capital. You have governence of Billionaires , by Billionaires, for Billionaires