Monday, 6 February 2017

Trump beheading Statue of Liberty


"German magazine defends cover of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty. Der Spiegel’s polarizing cover art intended as response to ‘seriously endangered’ principles of democracy and freedom of the press, editor-in-chief said." 
(Headline and sub-headline in the Guardian).

The USA, almost alone now in the Western world, has complete freedom of speech and freedom of the press, whereas Germany does not. Germans who criticise migrants, for example, run the risk of being in trouble with the police. It's also illegal in Germany to insult foreign heads of state. President Erdogan used this recently to sue a German who had accused him of bestiality. 

And whatever else the election of Trump means, it certainly means the USA is a genuine
democracy. The criticism of Trump is that he is too democratic, though the word they use is populist.

What is alarming is that the Germans think suspending entry into the USA for a temporary period for people from certain majority Muslim countries endangers the principles of democracy.

Migration as a basic human right.

Der Spiegel no doubt thinks it is being edgy and bold with this cover when it is being the opposite, the mouthpiece for the cross-party German political establishment and the EU leadership.

I said before in this blog that, after destroying Europe twice in a century by crazy nationalism, the Germans seem to be trying to do so now by crazy internationalism.

Steve Bannon, in whom I have high hopes, persuaded Trump to include green card holders in the ban to provoke maximum outrage, but why do they want to provoke outrage so much that they give the outraged a valid reason for outrage?

George W Bush and Obama were very divisive. Bush unintentionally, Obama intentionally, but Trump will be deliberately very much more divisive. He knows liberals would hate him whatever he does. He calculates that the liberal anger will help him - how will it? (Sorry if I am being slow.)

It prompted this ridiculous letter to the Guardian signed by dozens of Euro panjandrums including the absurd Ulrike Guérot , of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, who wants Germany to build new towns for migrants to preserve their culture.

President Trump’s executive order on immigration is an assault on Europe’s interests and values. It condemns entire nations and prevents refugees who have committed no crime from finding safety, making an international response to the refugee crisis all the harder. It also risks setting back co-operation on terrorism while stimulating Isis’s recruitment. We call on the European leaders in Malta to respond in three ways:
• The EU should speak with one voice in defence of international agreements and basic human rights, including the right of refuge. Seeking special deals on a country-by-country basis will simply weaken everyone.
• The EU should launch a rule-of-law mission to assist EU citizens in US ports and airports. The EEAS and the member states should coordinate efforts in Washington, in order to offer the best consular protection to European citizens possible. Dual citizens should not be discriminated on the basis of their second passport.
• The isolationist policies of our transatlantic neighbour should drive European nations closer together in sharing intelligence within the EU in order to enhance protection against terrorist threats. It is high time to think about European security, both internally and externally, in a more consolidated and responsible fashion.
Europe’s place in the world is under threat from power politics, closed borders and closing societies. European leaders should not stand by as international agreements aimed at protecting the weak, the vulnerable, and those fleeing war and torture are invalidated by late night executive orders.


  1. High hopes for a hate spewing bigot?!?!?!

    1. Bigot means closed minded and not open to new ideas. Mr. Bannon is pretty clearly the opposite of that. Perhaps some of his opponents are the bigots. Perhaps you are, anonymous, for ought I know.