Monday, 20 March 2017

Six thoughts


Bolshevism combines the characteristics of the French Revolution with those of the rise of Islam… Those who accept Bolshevism become impervious to scientific evidence, and commit intellectual suicide. Even if all the doctrines of Bolshevism were true, this would still be the case, since no unbiased examination of them is tolerated…Among religions, Bolshevism is to be reckoned with Mohammedanism rather than with Christianity and Buddhism. Christianity and Buddhism are primarily personal religions, with mystical doctrines and a love of contemplation. Mohammedanism and Bolshevism are practical, social, unspiritual, concerned to win the empire of the world. Bertrand Russell in a letter written from Russia  in 1920, published in 
Uncertain Paths to Freedom: Russia and China, 1919-22

We do not know whether Hitler is going to found a new Islam. He is already on the way; he is like Mohammad. The emotion in Germany is Islamic; warlike and Islamic. They are all drunk with wild god. That can be the historic future. Carl Jung, The Symbolic Life (1939)

All of us need an identity which unites us with our neighbours, our countrymen, those people who are subject to the same rules and the same laws as us, those people with whom we might one day have to fight side by side to protect our inheritance, those people with whom we will suffer when attacked, those people whose destinies are in some way tied up with our own. Sir Roger Scruton

As we all know from the Roman Empire, big empires go down if the borders are not well protected. Mark Rutte, Dutch Prime Minister, November 2015

Civilisation, the orderly world in which we live, is frail. We are skating on thin ice. There is a fear of a collective disaster. Terrorism, genocide, flu, tsunamis. Zygmunt Bauman

When Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned in the Tower of London, he occupied himself with writing a history of the world. He had finished the first volume and was at work on the second when there was a scuffle between some workmen beneath the window of his cell, and one of the men was killed. In spite of diligent enquiries, and in spite of the fact that he had actually seen the thing happen, Sir Walter was never able to discover what the quarrel was about; whereupon, so it is said — and if the story is not true it certainly ought to be — he burned what he had written and abandoned his project. George Orwell


  1. Interesting that Mark Rutte talks about empires rather than nations. Is that an admission that the EU is an empire?

  2. Paul a lot of your posts indicate that you are seriously worried about the worlds state of affairs, what is it that is so worrying now compared with world war 1, for example? Sure there are "hot spots" around the world, however in the West we live relative security. Is there any thing tangible that you can point to within our culture that is a huge point of concern e.g. growing suicide rates (for example). I would have thought most alarm and stress today is in most/some part due to population demands on the planet. That could account for a certain lack of cultural vibrancy and cohesion. Or is that worried somehow that we "sailing too close to the wind" ethically, pushing the boudaries of a moral universe. That would give rise to a kind of palpable tension. Not very easy to measure though. In that case It may have a kind of hypnotic effect within people/s. Like when you go in hospital for an operation. It would indeed be a tragedy if that were the case. What is strange is that in order to live in the world i had to struggle with a conflict that has shaped my overall beliefs, I was trying to grapple with the very essance of existence . Today people seem totally indifferent to what is ultimately the privilege and responsibilities of life. They just want to take. Ironically if you deem life sacred you would want to give. Maybe that is the most worrying thing, life is not seen as sacred.!!

    1. Life is no longer sacred, and logos is lost? I enjoy a lot Dr Peterson's lectures. This one is on the subject of logos: