Monday, 10 April 2017

Boris intends to be the tail wagging Trump's dog


Grateful though I am to Boris Johnson for his part in winning the referendum campaign (and his part in the great cause of cheering us all up) his desire to have British forces help get rid of Bashar Al Assad has always appalled me - and not because I have any liking for Assad or his unspeakable regime. 

Nor because I am in principle against interventions to prevent massacres.

But Bashar - or rather the people who control him, for he is a nonentity - is clearly considerably the lesser of two great evils.

Does no-one remember Iraq or Libya?

Now Boris says he intends to get the US to achieve regime change in Syria. 

Below is a passage from an article in today's Daily Telegraph and it sounds like it's the words verbatim of Mr. Johnson himself, who cut a very insubstantial figure by cancelling his trip to Moscow at the weekend and leaving it to Rex Tillerson to talk to Vladimir Putin.

I hope appearances are not deceptive and Boris is insubstantial. Insubstantial like Arthur Balfour, British Foreign Secretary at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, whom Lloyd George described as 'the scent on my pocket handkerchief'.

'He has been accused of many things in his time, but for Boris Johnson, the suggestion that he is America’s “poodle” is beyond the pale.

'The Foreign Secretary is said to be furious at the ill-informed jibe by Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader, which followed his decision to pull out of a planned trip to Moscow and leave the way clear for the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson.

'But Mr Johnson, who chose not to defend himself on Sunday, is said to be biting his lip for the sake of the greater good. Whitehall sources say that far from being Mr Tillerson’s lap dog, Mr Johnson is the tail wagging the dog as he quietly plays a longer game that is starting to pay dividends.

'Britain’s ultimate aim is to bring about regime change in Syria, ending President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal 17-year presidency. America, of course, is the only country with the power to make that happen, but until now President Trump’s isolationist foreign policy has ruled out any prospect of US intervention.

'There are clear signs, however, that Mr Trump may be about to change his mind, and if he does Mr Johnson will deserve his share of the credit.'
By the way, what legal or, more importantly, moral right has the USA to overthrow the Syrian government, even if it is convinced (why?) that what will replace it will be an improvement?

I hope I am wrong but it seems that under Boris British foreign policy is going to be - as someone described Bill Clinton's - the armed wing of Oxfam. Let's hope that Donald Trump is made of sterner stuff. 


  1. Ann Coulter's heart is broken. All out hearts are broken.

    Now we know why the Deep State was desperate to get rid of Flynn and replace him with psychopath McMaster. It wouldn't surprise me if Trump is being blackmailed in some way by malevolent forces. There's no evidence for this yet but it’s clear that overnight he has gone from a roaring, defiant lion to a script reading puppet. People voted for America First now it’s back to Israel first, Saudi second and America last. The Christians of Syria will be slaughtered, Europe flooded with more Muslim rapefugees and more farm boys from Nebraska and Missouri will die for the empowerment of ISIS. It makes me want to vomit.

  2. The utter insistence of the West for toppling Assad has Cold War roots - don't forget that his father, Hafez al Assad, was a very important Soviet Union ally who repeatedly fought against Western interests.

  3. I'm rather agnostic about all this, but anything was better than Obama's 2013 performance.