Friday, 21 April 2017

Brexit is not anti-European or even anti-EU

Wanting Great Britain to leave the European Union does not mean one's anti European - or even anti EU.

The United Kingdom and the EU were just not compatible, especially after the treaty of Maastricht for which John Major can be blamed (he could have vetoed it). As Douglas Murray said on June 24th,

It wasn’t working. With each year it was becoming more and more obvious that Britain and the EU wanted different things. Many (though not all) continental countries seem happy with a political union which pools their national sovereignty. There may be virtues in that, problems in it or both. But it was never a desire of the British people. Last night demonstrated that. So it is best not just for Britain but for the EU that we part ways. If we had not then we would have continued to be a hindrance and drag on our partners during the next stages of their political development.
Our leaving could and should be the best thing that could happen to the EU - which without us might choose to become a superstate or just the single market. I'd advise the latter. 

But I think the whole project might have too many design faults. 

It won't disintegrate though in the near future - it will trundle on.

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