Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Election blues


I realised today that this is the first surprise snap election in England since 1974, when there there were two. Yet I don't think anyone feels excited. Except the Daily Mail.

At least Theresa May will spare us a TV debate, an unwelcome American import, like grey squirrels.

By the way, I saw my first red squirrel since childhood on Saturday in Cernauti/Chernivtsi. It seemed symbolic of the superiority of (especially non-EU) Eastern Europe over the globalised West. 
I recall a leading British zoologist a few years back said complaining that grey squirrels had supplanted red ones was 'racist'. I thought about this and saw that he was right.

Here are some comments on the election. 

Bel Mooney

I'm gearing myself up for endless posts about how nobody with any ounce of compassion could vote Tory, and all the rest of the self-serving and self-evidently stupid bilge I had to read last time. How to avoid the fisticuffs? Not easy......

Dan Hodges (journalist, son of Glenda Jackson, Blairite and passionate Remainer)

Just to save people tweeting me the same question over the next 7 weeks. I'm going to vote Conservative. And I'm not going to think twice.

Anna Theodorakis

Everything is upside down...the so called left are for the globalist capitalist agenda and the right is against..

Michael White‏

I was wrong to calculate May would put country before party over Brexit plan. Her "me" election will deliver short term gain she will regret

Donald Tusk‏ @donaldtusk sent a rather gnomic tweet:

It was Hitchcock, who directed Brexit: first an earthquake and the tension rises.

Brendan O'Neill

Very good speech by Theresa May, pitting the mass, positive cry for Brexit against the negative, cynical Brexitphobia of certain sections of the political class. These will be the faultlines of the election. There are many issues and problems in 21st-century Britain but they cannot be honestly, substantially addressed until we have clarity on Brexit, until we know that the people's will, not expert diktat, is the most powerful force in the land. Then a whole new era and style of political debate will potentially open up, involving public passions and popular opinion rather than just deathly managerialism. Wherever you are, vote for the candidate most devoted to seeing Brexit all the way through.

John Rentoul

One big thing this election will do is end argument that referendum the wrong way to decide Qs such as Brexit: parliamentary mandate for it.

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  1. Condemning an invading force for murdering the natives is hardly racist.