Sunday, 9 April 2017

Trump's victory pushed Harvard post-graduate students into 'an "existential" crisis of sadness and despair'

You might imagine that the Harvard and Yale student bodies would be dominated by Republicans, but it's not so. Most students are Democrats and even most student Republicans do not like to mention Donald Trump's name. 

Republican students' celebration of his victory in the universities was very sotto voce and half hearted indeed. Conservatism always stands in contrast to the platonic ideal of youth, but it is not clear if the new President is even a conservative. His are the antithesis of the values of future American leaders. 

The anguish about his victory still has not abated. How different things are in France where Marine Le Pen's supporters are disproportionately young.
Graduates and academics are further left. This story tells how they are trying to cope with President Trump. Not very well, it seems.

Graduate students at Harvard University said Donald Trump's presidential victory pushed them into an "existential" crisis of sadness and despair.

The "deep feeling" of misery led students to start a "resistance school," which kicked off at Harvard, Wednesday evening. Timothy McCarthy, a lecturer at the Kennedy School, taught the first course.

The first lecture covered all the favorite topics of the campus left, including anticolonialism, white privilege, intersectionality, and "allyship." McCarthy described Trump as a "devil" and said America was founded on the "callous slaughter of indigenous people," and the subjugation of every minority group from "queer folks" to the disabled.


  1. Of course now its becoming increasingly obvious the Left has little to fear from Trump. The globalist system remains securely in control. It is the Right which now has more reason to be entering a crisis of despair:

    “Trump has won the presidency yet every policy he was actually elected to enact, such as the ''Muslim Ban'' or building the wall, has been blocked or sent into bureaucratic limbo, and yet, as Stefan Molynuex observed, you can bomb a foreign nation within 12 hours of a given event taking place and hardly anyone batters an eye.

    From a purely intellectual perspective it's the perfect riddle, how do you deconstruct and destroy a system which seems to be several steps ahead of you in every move you make? All of your plans and modes of attack have been preempted, with enormous effort and struggle you push the best person over the electoral edge, despite massive hostility from the system itself and all of its organs, only to have the person you endorsed have all their policies blocked, they then do the exact same thing (bombing Syria and antagonizing Russia) which the system's candidate planned to do all along.

    You're back at the start of the game, only more weary, more worn down, more exasperated."

    If anyone on the alternative Right (in the broad sense) had any residual faith in the democratic process, Trump's U-turn surely has to kill it. If the most anti-Establishment, non-politician outsider — someone not simply tolerated but celebrated by the Right — elected on an explicitly nationalist ticket can do an about-turn in 80 days, it confirms that voting is absolutely pointless, and that the status quo will only end by violent means.

  2. r ...McCarthy, the "professor" the article keeps quoting? is an adjunct.

    if you're not American, you may not know what an adjunct is. basically, it's nobody. disposable assistant professor, not tenure-track, low pay, no respect.
    I know that "left-wing students are delicate cringing flowers" has become a favorite thing. but this is weaksauce.

  3. If you knew as much as you claim to know about US politics and society, you would know that America's elite schools are not made up of Republicans. Maybe 30 or 40 years ago...but today's GOP is way too proudly ignorant and antiscientific to appeal to America's top 5 percent. The intellectual devolution of the Republican Party, which once boasted strong and creative thinkers, is not a good development for America.

  4. I never claimed to know anything about America and I did learn some time ago that the American elite was no longer predominately Republican. I am sure the reasons are complex. The left has steadily captured culture in many countries, while right wing people enriched themselves perhaps.