Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Majoritarianism, the new threat

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Turning on a coin, the Remainers stop criticising Mrs May for having no mandate and start criticising her for seeking one.
Tom Cain:
A hot new term - 'majoritarianism'.
This pejorative, which is apparently popping up on a regular basis on Radio 4 describes the, er, disgusting and frankly unacceptable way in which politicians think they have a right to pursue policies with which the speaker disagrees, and which are oh-so obviously wrong, just because a majority of people have voted for them.
Or 'democracy' as it used to be called


  1. It does seem awfully wrong in a civilized society for 51% of the population to terrorize, plunder, and push around (albeit indirectly) the remaining 49%. But that is another discussion for another day - I'm not really pontificating on the early elections in the UK, I am pointing out an obvious pitfall of democracy (as it is understood nowadays).

    1. Of course you are right.

      The fewer laws the better.