Monday, 17 April 2017

Quotations for Easter Monday

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Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism. Carl Jung

I’m pleased with what I’ve done. The Stockholm jihadi murderer

No generation has the right to impose wholly volitional yet irreversible changes upon the next generation. Yet for the past 60 years, this is precisely what Europe has been doing, with terrible short-term outcomes already, and huge existential challenges still to come. Whenever ordinary people are given the choice to vote on such transformations (engineered by elites who are immune to the consequences, though their children will not be) they reject them, as with Donald Trump and Brexit. Yet instead of these vetos being seen for what they are — proof of the essential unviability of the great immigration experiment — they are sneeringly dismissed as evidence of how bigoted and stupid the Great Unwashed really are. Even now, if you want an easy guffaw on a BBC comedy show, just say “Nigel Farage”. Kevin Myers in the Sunday Times

I do find that the left have a tendency to suffer actual pain if exposed to non-left opinions. Ruth Dudley Edwards. [
True and beautifully put. I felt the same when I was anti-Mrs. Thatcher but I do not remember why.]

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. Lenin

All the talk of World War III is utterly overblown, but it has got me thinking about who we would draft. Young people who think they deserve a Safe Space from words and tweets and Page 3 are hardly going to head into the unsafe space of war. Out-of-shape columnists who relish the idea of war with Russia and bombs on Syria can hardly make it to the off-licence without wheezing against a lamppost, never mind over the frontline. The youthful loudmouths of the alt-right talk a good scrap on Twitter but most haven't left their flats for years and will likely disintegrate upon contact with sunlight. Even "lads" have been neutered, slowly turned from swaggering social adventurers into feminised bores constantly apologising for their existence. A generation encouraged to think that feeling anxious for five minutes is proof of mental illness, and having once spent a summer on the bottle means you're a "recovering alcoholic", is hardly likely to cope well with conflict: one scrape to their knee on the battlefield and they'd be off writing a memoir about life with PTSD. Young women would make good soldiers if only the education system and media hadn't spent the past decade encouraging them to view everything from a mean tweet to the Daily Mail's female-saturated sidebar of shame as a mortal threat to their self-worth. And forget about White Cis Men: if they so much as thought of aiming a gun at a foreigner they'd be instantly branded RACIST and No Platformed from every institution in the land, and no one wants to experience that, not even White Cis Men.
There's no one! The cult of PC has made the realm indefensible. Let's hope Putin and Kim Jong-un and the other alleged dreamers of World War III are too dim to have noticed how lame we have become...   Brendan O'Neill

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