Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Seen on Facebook this morning

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Agnostics have commitment issues.

Olivia Fox Taylor

Higher education (primarily at the elite colleges) in North America, the UK and Austalasia is being destroyed by social justice warriors (postmodernists, social constructivists) who are silencing dissent, silencing inquiry, suppressing science and using tactics of witch hunting, vilification, vigilantism and violence.
This is the education system that was slowly built from the mediaeval period and which gradually became major centres of learning, producing physics, mathematics, medicine, engineering, computers, political theory and historical and humanities scholarship. But the higher education system is now firmly under the control of the "social justice" movement. It is being actively and deliberately destroyed, while others simply watch, scraching their heads, as Rome burns.
"Social justice" is a direct attack on Enlightenment liberalism, political freedom and scientific method.

Jeffrey Ketland

Remainers never tire of embarrassing themselves. Some of them are comparing Erdogan's referendum win to Brexit. But in seeking to weaken parliamentary democracy in favour of instituting a more consolidated form of executive power, Erdogan echoes Remain and the EU, not Brexit. He is effectively doing within his own nation what the EU, and most importantly the EC, does on a continent-wide scale.
Brendan O'Neill

Liberals who said Trump was Literally Hitler now acting like he's actually Schindler saving Syrian children from a man who's LITERALLY Hitler. Leftists saying he's still Hitler and his bombing of Syria proves it even though they campaigned for Hillary, who did far worse to Libya and would likely have bombed Syria sooner, and harder, than Trump did. Media mocking the alt-right for losing faith in Trump over Syria when surely they're just acting on principle and proving they aren't his nodding-dog fanboys after all. Pro-bombing columnists saying anyone who opposes the bombing is objectively pro-Assad without realising this makes them objectively pro-al-Qaeda, the bombing's main beneficiaries.

Brendan O'Neill

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