Sunday, 9 April 2017

The British press are in warlike mood

The Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph today make depressing reading, as they did yesterday. I skimmed a number of articles complaining that British forces have been so reduced that we no longer have the capacity to send as many forces to Syria as the US will expect. At least one writer said if we are unable to do so this will displease Donald Trump.

I have no idea why it is in US interests to intervene in Syria and much less do I understand why the UK should do so because the US does.

I see no British interest involved in Syria. In fact the country is an ally of Russia and a former French League of Nations mandate. And horrible though the regime is a regime victory is better than a victory for the other side, which would result in perpetual chaos and the end of almost two thousand years of Christianity in Syria.

Donald Trump was, of course, right when he said NATO was obsolete. If NATO is going to get involved in adventures like this in the Middle East perhaps Great Britain should consider leaving.

I hope Friday's bombing will deter the use of chemical weapons and not be followed by an American attempt at getting rid of Assad. The alternative is getting suckered into taking part in the conflict between the Shias and the Saudi-Israeli alliance, a conflict which is none of Britain's business.


  1. Trump is dead. What we have is a golem of Jared Kushner who can be manipulated into the most insane of actions.

  2. 'Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, said defeating Islamic State, pushing Iranian influence out of Syria and ousting the Syrian president were now priorities for Washington.' Today's 'Observer'.

  3. I do wonder what is wrong with them - nothing seems to slake their blood-lust, not even failure and loss of British lives