Friday, 21 April 2017

The most important General Election in decades

I had thought this election was boring but reading this by Brendan O'Neill changed my mind. I think he is right.
The snap election in June will be the most important General Election in years, if not decades. For the simple reason that the old technocratic establishment, still reeling from last June's democratic revolt against their deathly, illiberal politics, are using it to try to regain territory, to push Britain back to the era in which they made the decisions and the rest of us nodded along. We can't let this happen. In recent General Elections, there hasn't been much at stake -- they've too often been choices between bean-counters, between managers masquerading as politicians. In this one there's a huge amount at stake -- nothing less than the idea of democracy itself and the supremacy of public opinion over priestly political diktat. It isn't left v right, or Labour v Tory: it's "I believe in democracy" vs "Democracy pisses me off". You can't sit this one out; you can't abstain -- you have to get out there and agitate against the Remainers who have spied an opportunity to dent Brexit and find your local candidate most committed to Brexit! Start today.

The glossary below by Craig Brown in the Daily Mail is worth reading too.

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