Thursday, 25 May 2017

How England was

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"The Melton Breakfast by Sir Francis Grant, R.A." which my father had as a jigsaw and which I did many times. It breaths the spirit of Surtees and virile, hierarchical, mid-Victorian England. More importantly, it has wonderful red jackets. Red is my favourite colour.

I do hope the Tories bring back hunting.


  1. As far as I am aware wearing red and riding out to hunt have never been banned. Only ripping animals apart with dogs for amusement

  2. David in Moscow25 May 2017 at 14:47

    The current Conservative Party manifesto promises a free vote to repeal the ban on hunting with dogs:

    So lets see what happens.

    I have little sympathy for foxes.

    They are not an endangered species.

  3. @ David in Moscow

    That an animal is not endangered and engenders little sympathy in you is reason enough in your mind for brutal butchery in the name of sport and tradition?

    Goats are not protected do you feel the same about Halal? What about elephants hunted for tusks?

    I'm not against killing of animals reasonably humanely , I eat meat and accept that price.

    For sport , entertainment or vanity? You have the nerve to call Islam backward and barbarous .

    Richard H.

    1. Lord Macaulay's pilgrims didn't object to bear baiting because of the pain it gave the bear but the pleasure it gave the onlookers. This puritan tradition lives on. Was any era more puritanical than ours in fact since 1660?

    2. David in Moscow3 June 2017 at 08:05

      @Richard H

      "You have the nerve to call Islam backward and barbarous ."


      But thanks, it is.

    3. David in Moscow3 June 2017 at 15:48

      "Lord Macaulay's pilgrims didn't object to bear baiting because of the pain it gave the bear but the pleasure it gave the onlookers."

      An apt historical example Paul.

      After all, the ban on hunting with dogs was initiated not so much out of sympathy for Mr Fox but rather to stick it to the Tory Toffs.

      Richard H above equates the killing of a couple of hundred (?) foxes per year with the halaal butchery of thousands of goats, sheep, cows and chickens, a day.

      If those who are so against fox hunting are primarily concerned with preventing animal suffering, why aren't they at least as equally vocal and active in protesting halaal butchery?

    4. Well argued. Foxes need to be culled. And gassing is much more unpleasant. And then what about battery chickens? Cows killed to make shoes? But in fact puritanism mixed with claas prejudice and urban ignorance of country life are to blame.

    5. Why do foxes need to be culled? Can you give the figures? That's up there with "bypasses have to be built. Why?Well they just do." Even if they did have to be, trapping then shooting, as is done with badgers in the case of bovine TB or just plain shooting would be preferable to pursuit for amusement. That you try to use spurious or historical example to support torture in the name of sport reflects very badly upon both your characters. Most animal rights activists are just as vocal about Halal or battery farming and vegans of course refuse the feel of leather on their feet out of principal. I don't think it's well argued at all I think it' s rather a shamefaced excuse trying to defend the indefensible. In the most recent Mori poll 84% of Country residents were in support of retaining the ban too, so I suspect your own urban ignorance of country feeling is on show here