Friday, 12 May 2017

'Nomadic nations are always thieves'


'Nomadic nations are always thieves.' John Paget, Hungary and Transylvania (1839)
He is referring to Hungarian nomadic shepherds of the Puszta.

I did very little work at university, something I hugely regret, but did immerse myself in Hungarian and Transylvanian history 1780-1850, which was not really on the syllabus. When I read in John Paget's great book about nomadic Wallacks I thought Paget meant Wallachians, or in other words Romanians, but of course he meant Aromanians or Vlachs.

Here is more.

"Transylvania can scarcely be considered an aristocracy any more than America can. The native Indians and negroes of America—the free negroes of the North, I mean, for Transylvania knows nothing so degrading as absolute slavery—occupy the place of the gipsies and Wallacks of Transylvania ; the rest of the inhabitants of both countries enjoying nearly equal rights."

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  1. What attracted you to Hungary and "Eastern Europe' in particular?