Monday, 22 May 2017

R.I.P. Drummer Rigby

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Lest we forget. Four years ago today Drummer Rigby was beheaded by Muslim fanatics on the streets of London. I blogged about it here.


  1. You actually have a salient point here, but it is not that a Muslim horde is descended. The atrocious murders of both Rigby and Cox can be traced to extremist views garnered online affecting the actions of individuals who were at worst unintelligent at best mentally unstable and in their minds the echo chamber of cognitive dissonance provided by the Internet furnished the killers with the justification that what they were doing was right.

  2. We appear to have forgotten,no official memorial.

  3. I was at the time in an Institut in Franfurt and though the attacker described himself and his act as a terrorist (for those who know the definition of terrorism) the coworkers shied away from calling the act as such. People that supposedly are experts on the matter. For them he was only a deranged person, although the deranged people were they. Irina

    1. It's mental illness when Muslims kill - it was racism when Jo Cox was killed.
      So much mental illness these days.

    2. take it you mean there was no memorial at the site of the murder? Which of course there is now along with his name added to the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Arbetorium memorial and in his home town of Middleton a memorial consisting of a bronze drum and a plaque, was unveiled in 2015 .

      As for the metal illness issue and Islam in the press it seems to me quite the reverse, reporting within minutes was simply that Adebolajo and Adebowale were muslim fanatics.Their attack victim was random in the sense that it could have been any soldier exiting the barracks on that day. It had not been carefully planned, they made plain their motivation with their calls to Allah over his corpse. There was some minor talk in islamic leaning publications that they were unstable ( anyone who hacks off someones head with a cleaver isn’t?) but at the trial no defence of mental incapacity was offered, though good evidence of the radicalisation process was presented, which proves useful in prevention perhaps. Both individuals rightly received full term sentences in excess of 40 years for what was a heinous crime.

      In the case of Jo Cox, Thomas Mair, her murderer, a known white supremacist with a twenty year history of making public his views on white liberal traitors, and a hearty supporter of Right Wing organisations, planned over the course of one year the killing of Mrs Cox because of her views on immigration. He stood over her after shooting at point blank range then proceeded to stab the body and those who tried to intervene, while he shouted “death to traitors” and “Britain First”, much to the embarrassment of Mr Golding who tried at once to extricate himself prom the excrement storm that pronouncement created for his organisation, an organisation Mair had openly matched with. Sounds like a fairly deranged individual to me too. The Daily Mail ran it as a page three story with the line that he was a mentally vulnerable individual suffering from OCD who had been pushed to his actions by his fear of losing his home to an immigrant. At his trial he offered no name but “Death to traitors”. However he was judged mentally culpable and no grounds of diminished responsibly were offered for what was plainly a premeditated hate induced murder. He to will serve a full term sentence.

      I suspect you have a slightly right leaning bias and are uncomfortable that there are deranged and violent individual on both sides of the argument. Anyone who commits acts of this nature is missing some higher mental faculty.