Wednesday, 31 May 2017



Lunch with an effervescent Facebook friend, a Romanian who has lived for years in England. She has very sensible opinions on most things, despite having lived in the West for 11 years. So many Romanians are corrupted by living in England. She has the good sense to prefer countries like Georgia, Armenia and the Stans to the USA or Milan. She thinks Donald Trump certainly better than Hillary and that Theresa May is not a conservative. She, like I, wants to visit Iran.

Early evening a drink with an old friend.

A long time ago I was disgusted to find I'd be sharing a wagon on a night train to Belgrade and not with one but two others. My disgust turned in a moment to joy when I discovered that accidentally both were historians. One was a Serbian historian employed as such by the Serbian army. He is now Colonel Dalibor Denda and is in Bucharest to "support a colleague who gives a talk about the contribution of the Yugoslav People's Army to containing diseases in cattle".

I usually wish I'd become a historian, but then again...

Anyway a great pleasure to have a drink with him outside the National Military Circle, the cheapest and grandest place to drink in town. It's the last state owned restaurant and a glass of wine still costs only a euro.

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