Monday, 19 June 2017

Death in Finsbury Park - is this a turning point?


In the early hours of this morning a van ploughed into Muslims near a mosque in London, killing one. The driver, a white man, is said to have screamed: 

"I'm going to kill all Muslims."
Is this the start of something in England resembling the Troubles in Northern Ireland, which led to more than three thousand deaths?

It also led after thirty years to the British Government making very far-reaching concessions to the terrorists in order to buy peace, although as John Major reminded us last week the peace is not very secure.

London's Muslim Mayor, Sadiq Khan, said last year that the threat of terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city,” something for which Donald Trump recently criticised him. Unfortunately Mr. Khan is right.


  1. What better place than the internet?

  2. Revenge attacks on Muslims have been part of the scene since at least 7/7 with tens of deaths already, usually underrepresented in the press. What is unusual in this case is that by all including the Daily Mail it is being described as a terror attack in it's own right. I hope you are happy Mr Wood it looks like your long wished for white pushback against the barbaric hordes of worshippers has finally begun

    1. You are defaming me by suggesting I want any sort of violence. I, of course, as my readers know, want to forestall violence and do everything possible to prevent it.

    2. Muslims are not barbaric, any more than Christians are.

  3. This attack, like the attacks by Muslims, is the inevitable consequence of mass immigration and the elite's policy of demographically replacing the British people. It’s not a nice thing, but it is to be expected. The blame for it lies on Britain's evil establishment.

  4. This might be the beginning of a phase of violent retaliation, which is probably inevitable eventually, but I don't think there is any momentum behind it yet. This was a copy-cat attack, without the promise of a reward in the afterlife. The perpetrator was willing to be caught - there won't be many that reckless on the backlash side.

    It would take a long time for the working class (outside of Northern Ireland) to rebuild up the degree of social cohesion and in-group preference that Muslims still have. Thus whenever a mosque is built, non-Muslims are quietly intimidated into clearing the surrounding area. When you start to see that kind of enforced community segregation coming from the other side as well, then the conditions are developing for a face-off. I.e. you'll see w-c communities subject to informal controls by self-appointed leaders in the same way that Muslim communities are controlled by their leaders. In that environment, organised gangs can operate with relatively little fear of being caught.