Thursday, 29 June 2017

Letter in today's Daily Telegraph

SIR – I am fed up with commentators and politicians lazily trotting out the line “people didn’t vote to be poorer” to justify any proposed violation of Brexit. In fact, the people did just that. 

The logic is clear. Since everyone from the Governor of the Bank of England to the Chancellor of the Exchequer threatened that we would be financially worse off after Brexit, even with drastic economic measures and emergency Budgets, any vote for Brexit was an indication that this was a price worth paying. An unambiguous majority of those who voted showed that it wasn’t about money at all: they simply wanted to live in a sovereign country again.
It is disingenuous to say that people didn’t know what they were voting for and therefore the vote is invalid. The point is that people did know what it was like to be in the EU, and almost any alternative was better than that.

Jane Biggs
Taunton, Somerset


  1. Last week I was travelling on business with a group of ~10 coworkers to Hong Kong and then China proper. The rep from Hong Kong met us to help us get thru customs and immigration and asked us what we thought about the election of Trump. Several folks felt that the electorate was ignorant of the "facts" and were fooled by Trump. In order to keep my peace, I do not engage in politics at my job.

    1. No one understands another country or her politics. Or perhaps someone like Alistair Cooke did, but he became American, lived there for decades and America is an Anglo-Saxon, Anglophone immigrant society. On the other hand, who understands the phenomenon which is President Trump? So far he seems like the pudding served to Churchill.'A good pudding but it has no theme.' Though if he seems good it's in the sense that he is not a Democrat or Jeb or Cruz. And not W. So far he has not achieved very little but he has worried Russia and China. I wonder to what extent he is the reason for the Qatari crisis.

  2. All Trump's crises have been self-inflicted. How will he and his shambolic administration react when a real one strikes? It's coming. Watch for it.
    Oh, and as a matter of fact Nigel F and Boris did promise more money out of Brexit -- millions of pounds weekly for the health service. Didn't turn out that way.

  3. Well, the mere fact that Jane is a xenophobe ("sovereignty" and "control over borders" is simply a more PC way of saying you don't like Johnny Foreigner too much, particularly when you're unable to name a single piece of EU legislation which you strongly disagree with and which was forced upon the UK) doesn't mean others weren't simple gullible enough to swallow the nonsense trotted out by the Brexiteers about the economy. In fact, the official position of the UK government is still that there will be no economic cost attached to Brexit. No need to worry though, the true cost of Brexit will soon be apparent.
    Speaking of which, will you be moving back to the UK after Brexit? Sunny uplands and all that, it should be lovely.