Monday, 12 June 2017

Looking on the bright side


The Times says Theresa May always hated the expression 'strong and stable' which was invented by Crosby. The fact that she complained but continued for weeks to use it tells me she is no leader. The British public, who are keen observers of life, read her much better than the commentators or than I did.

It's good news that Michael Gove is back as Secretary of State for the Environment. I hope he will be a climate change iconoclast. Brexit is the opportunity for a counter-revolution. 

Assuming Brexit happens.

Which I think it will, as both Conservatives and Labour campaigned to leave the EU and end free movement of people. The Conservatives cannot allow it not to happen, and nor probably can Labour. A lot of Labour voters voted Leave. I suspect though that only the first of those will now be achieved, at least for now. 

However, Brexit will be very much more difficult with a Prime Minister who does not understand the EU, except from the Home Office point of view, who finds decisions hard and who has no authority.

On the bright side: the Scottish Tories have saved Britain from a Marxist government and from the threat of Scottish secession. The DUP MPs will make up for all but one of the seats the Tories lost. A minority government won't be able to do much which is a good thing so long as it can take us out of the EU. In particular it won't be able to impose censorship on the internet. We can also forget about the odd left-of-centre statist nonsense in the Conservative manifesto that this awful woman foisted on her party.

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