Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Tears, idle tears


Enoch Powell said the Falklands War would show what mettle the Iron Lady was made of and so it did (even though her government's mistakes were the reason why Galtieri and the junta invaded the islands in the first place).

I think we all feel for Theresa May but we all see that she does not have the strength to be Prime Minister in difficult times. Especially since her two maleficent advisers were defenestrated.

It's interesting that she confounded her problems by taking some time to visit the former residents of Grenfell Tower, whereas the Queen visited them sooner. Margaret Thatcher was criticised for going to scenes of disasters and usurping what should have been the Queen's role. Mrs Thatcher privately said that she did so because the royal family seemed not to carry out the job.

The poor dear Queen learned her lesson when she was tardy during the mass mourning for Diana, who by the time she died had been divorced for some years from the Prince of Wales and was not part of the royal family. There was a French revolutioanary moment in 1997 in London, when it seemed the mob might almost dethrone the Queen.

I and others thought William Hague's words at Diana's death were splendidly judged and Tony Blair's show of maudlin sadness theatrical. The people thought otherwise and now emotions are de rigeur. The Queen's eyes watered at Grenfell. Mrs May, so her unnamed friends tell us, was distraught because of the deaths but she didn't show it.

Jeremy Corbyn, who did not weep about the Islamist murders, wept about the Muslim killed yesterday.


  1. i was told in the summer of 1983 by an Argentine civil servant who had served in the Junta's secretariat that the UK's errors in failing to signal resolve to retain the Falklands (my interlocutor said Islas Malvinas) did not lead to the invasion, but it had mich more to do with Galtieri's machismo. He was convinced that there would be no response with force as the united kingdom was led by those without balls, that is, it had a Queen not a King, and a housewife as PM, not a soldier or similar. My interlocutor assured me he had heard Galtieri make these statements.

  2. Makes sense for everyone else in the party to try and get Brexit done under TM and then get a new face to focus on next election.