Sunday, 11 June 2017

The dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone emerging once again


"As the deluge subsides and the waters fall short we see the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone emerging once again." Winston S Churchill in 1922. 

One of my favourite quotations,which is now apposite for the first time since the Mr. Callaghan's government fell in 1979.

Two days after the election and the British political landscape is still seems a like surrealist painting.

The deal the Tories announced they had made with the DUP turns out not a done deal. It is amateur night.

But the deal will be made and it greatly lowers my opinion of the Conservative Party.

Not because I dislike the Paisleyites (though of course I do) but because they show up clearly how very unconservative the Conservatives now are. 

Take headlines like this in the Mail:
"DUP's stance on abortion and gay marriage causing alarm on the Tory benches." 
"A top EU Brexit negotiator" is reported in The Times as saying "'what a bunch' after learning of their [the DUP's] policies - from opposition to abortion and single-sex marriage to scepticism about climate change'. 

I don't see why any of those 3 should be objectionable but am especially worried that being anti-abortion is now considered by some as extreme.

Killing foxes is very unpopular but wanting to restrict the number of unborn babies killed is far right.

Incidentally, the SDLP, Labour's sister party in Northern Ireland , holds exactly the same policy on abortion as the DUP.

Northern Ireland has long been the most civilised part of the country. There people go to church, are patriots (admittedly to a fault), hunt foxes, have grammar schools and men do not marry other men.  Rural and small town England would be equally civilised were they not ruled by the people in London. 

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