Saturday, 10 June 2017

Where Britain is today

The gods as we know punish hubris.

Labour finally after many recounts won Kensington by twenty votes. 

Kensington. The grandest, snobbiest, most expensive place anywhere in England. Half of Debrett’s and Burke’s Peerage live there.

What a curious de facto alliance Labour represents between the stinking rich, the bohemian bourgeoisie and much of the working-class.

I suppose had the general election been held when the local elections were held, four weeks ago but in another age, the Tories would have won resoundingly. Why weren't they held simultaneously? They always have been for decades.

Every Tory MP now hates Theresa May and with very good reason.

My guess is that a new Tory leader will emerge as they used always to do. Leadership elections involving people who don't sit in the House of Commons have been disastrous and the country can't have one now.

Theresa May must be left in the library with a decanter of whisky and a revolver. 

They used to speculate that if Mrs Thatcher were given this option she'd drink the whisky and turn the revolver on her colleagues.

Who will take Theresa May's place? 

Boris would make a good leader but a pretty poor Prime Minister. Why was he and other cabinet ministers kept out of sight by Theresa May? He would be content with a soft Brexit.  

Osborne (thank God) didn't stand. He must be kicking himself. I wonder if Cameron is too.  
I remember the February 1974 election which gave no party a majority. Everyone knew another election had to be held but one couldn't be held immediately or it would have yielded the same result. That's where we probably are now, except the Tories really can't want another election and the risk of Jeremy Corbyn taking office.  

They will surely wait till the constituency boundary changes next year. Boundary changes always favour the Conservatives.

Will Brexit still happen? Who knows? It would need another referendum to abandon the idea. Would any politician dare suggest that?

I suspect Theresa May had intended to use the majority she expected to make very big concessions to the EU. It is clear that UKIP voters returned to Labour because they felt Brexit was certain. But UKIP fell apart too soon. 

Dr Sean Gabb has suggested a coalition including Corbyn to leave the EU. As a quid pro quo, he could be allowed to re-nationalise rail and some other utilities.

Well it has a certain logic.  Most Tory voters would be content to see British Rail back,  with its inedible sandwiches and carriages very faintly smelling of vomit. 

The Tories destroyed the Lib Dems by going into coalition with them but it's hard to play that trick twice. Mr Corbyn will be much cleverer and much less public spirited than Mr. Clegg. Mr Clegg, like Sir Austen Chamberlain, always played the game and always lost.

For the time being the Conservatives rely on the DUP. The DUP are definitely not nice people, but they certainly are conservatives, much more so than the Conservative Party. They have prevented Northern Ireland enacting homosexual marriage and kept hunting legal. 

They bring an element of virile seventeenth century patriotism into British politics where it is otherwise missing.

Northern Ireland also has grammar schools, which work wonderfully and are the reason Oxford and Cambridge are full of Northern Irish students from ordinary families. 

It's a long time since people last cared about the Ulster Protestants. It was from 1977-79 in fact and for the same reason.

If only Blair and Major hadn't destroyed the Official Ulster Unionists (while they gave in to the IRA). Still, the DUP will do. They want a hard Brexit.

Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s adviser, said last night on BBC Radio 4 that he thinks the Tories should not be unionist when it comes to Northern Ireland. Nothing made me so angry in months. 

Middle class youth (almost half of school leavers a make it to university) voted for the Marxist Corbyn. Almost all my 17 year-old nephew's and niece's Facebook friends urged a Labour vote on their walls. Understandably, because Corbyn offered free university places.  Young voters also mostly hate Brexit. 

They do not, of course, know or care about the IRA or the dangers of having a Trotskyite Prime Minister. In any event, extremism appeals to the immature of all ages.

I wonder why left wing extremism is always cool and the right (extreme or otherwise) is not. It's curious. Teenagers were once supposed to rebel against their teachers but now they think exactly as their elders instruct them.

The progressive well-off young are a very big problem in the modern world. They have been since the mid 1960s but the problem is bigger now even than then. 

Still, the election result was not about Brexit. Had it been the Lib Dems would have done much better. 

Mr. Corbyn  was canny enough to agree to implement Brexit and restrict free movement of people so he secured the support of the many Labour people who want Brexit.

Hunting may have been a bigger issue. For some reason (sentimentality, I suppose) most English people don't approve of hunting foxes. 

Did the terrorist killings make no difference? Maybe the Conservatives were blamed for letting them happen, as if Corbyn was likely to do a better job. In many cases leftish people in London think the massacres were England's fault for invading Iraq. Which of course is Mr Corbyn's view.

This has been a very shocking and depressing 36 hours if you are a Tory (which is not really the same thing as a Conservative). Still, terrible though things are, they could be a lot worse. 

Labour just lost its third election in a row. Thank God the Tories are ruling with the help of the DUP and not Labour is not ruling with the help of the SNP. 

The Tories won 42.4% of the vote, a share only slightly less than Labour won it its extraordinary landslide victories in 1997 and 2001.

Angela Merkel's CDU won 41.5% of her country's votes in her country's 2013, formed a coalition and is the ruler of Europe.


  1. What a curious de facto alliance Labour represents between the stinking rich, the bohemian bourgeoisie and much of the working-class.

    And it's happened in every western nation. Which possibly makes it more difficult to explain.

    What's really curious is that in no western nation has an alternative working-class party emerged. The working class therefore either remains loyal to the old working-class party that how hates them or they switch their vote to "conservative" parties that hate them even more.

  2. Worse is likely to happen to Mrs May and the party yet, after all it is only Sunday. I simply adore the way you've always attacked the left for siding with the IRA and Hamas by reaching out for dialogue solutions, calling us soft headed and hearted, simply because we won't pipe bomb our rivals like the good old DUP do . What dolts we must be.

    Lucy Simm Dodds

    1. I am all for talking to Hamas and don't criticise Mr Corbyn for doing so. I should have made that clear. But he did not speak to the IRA because he wanted to help achieve a peace settlement. He, like Sinn Fein, indeed wanted peace in N.Ireland but peace on their terms. A united Ireland. And he was presumably happy about the violent campaign of bombings or he would not have supported people who were in the IRA. I don't like the Paisleyites at all, as a Catholic, but they were not terrorists.
      What does disappoint me is to see "a top EU Brexit negotiator" say as reported in The Times - "'what a bunch' after learning of their policies - from opposition to abortion and single-sex marriage to scepticism about climate change'.

      I hope opposition to abortion and single-sex marriage and scepticism about climate change are not starting to be considered extreme - and especially not in an organisation originally dreamt up by Catholic intellectuals.

    2. I hope opposition to abortion and single-sex marriage and scepticism about climate change are not starting to be considered extreme

      I'm afraid that's already happened. The consensus is rapidly hardening that only nazis and hateful bigots hold such extreme views. These days even being openly a Christian is considered extreme.

    3. I don't like Paisleyites but since 1998 they have worked together with the Catholic extremists and have shown much (perhaps much too much) flexibility. And, for me, their opposition to abortion and single-sex marriage and scepticism about climate change make up for quite a lot of faults.

  3. That is disingenuous in the extreme, the UVF, UDF,UFF are all as much a paramilitary Terrorist wing of the DU as the IRA was of Sinn Fein. Corbyn spoke out at the time and recently against the bombing campaigns. Its only six days since the reignited UVF shot dead a Catholic policeman outside of a Sainsbury's store . Where was the reporting on that or John Smith and his light sentence for trying to bomb out his polish neighbours? Oh yes lost in the election juror of strength and stability and the echoing cries of hypocrisy. You should try living here in the borderlands of NI Mr Wood where revenge beating and killings of catholics still carry on to this day before you have the nerve to say that the Paisleyites were or are not terrorists or associated with them. Foster was in a public meeting with Jackie McDonald of the UDA just the other day trying to garner his members support for the election. She has never forgotten her own fathers shooting, the school bus attack she was in or Enniskillen and so she continues the war to this day.There is nothing she would like to see better than the GFA broken and open occupation by British forces again.
    Lucy SD. Mrs May has thrown in her hat with terrorists. She knows it, you know it, the world knows it.

  4. Your Blimpism is becoming dangerously close to parody.

  5. "Catholic extremsits"..The Spanish Inquisition?