Saturday, 15 July 2017

If you want to know what Bucharest is like, it's like this

This house I pass every day. The picture is by the talented American photographer and Bucharest resident Davin Ellicson.

The house is on Popa Tatu not far from Cismigiu. But there are thousands of places like this.

After living in Bucharest for nine years, Naples seemed disappointingly clean and tidy - as did Lisbon and even Tirana. Rangoon and Havana did not, nor Tbilisi nor the Casbah in Algiers.

Back in the nineties I used to spend every weekend striding on five or ten miles walks through the derelict historic centre (not old at all, built after 1880, but it felt half as old as time). I regret I did not explore the eighteenth century countryside very much but cities interest me and landscape, though beautiful does not, after a couple of hours.

I wrote about this here.

"Bucharest has a lot to do in order to become a city worthy of the status of a European capital." 
This headmasterly admonishment was made by Jonathan Scheele, the soft-spoken British civil servant who heads the European Commission Delegation in Romania, at last week's "Investment Opportunities in Bucharest" conference.

Am I alone in dreading the day when Bucharest becomes worthy of the status of a European capital? To my mind it's the nicest European capital because it is unworthy of Mr Scheele's esteem. What other capital in Europe is nearly so unself-conscious, so (continued here).

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