Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Migrant boats have started heading to Romania


Kit Gillet, the best foreign journalist writing in Romania, has published an article in the Guardian about the recent new trend: migrants trying to make the perilous crossing on the Black Sea between the Turkish coast and Romania. It started in the last month or so and there have so far been six incidents.

'Gabriela Leu, a spokesperson for UNHCR Romania, says that while it was difficult to draw a conclusion from a handful of incidents, “what is clear is that when legal avenues are closed, people fleeing war and persecution take desperate measures to find safety”.'
They are not fleeing war and persecution. They are coming form Turkey where they are perfectly safe.

Romanian interior minister, Carmen Dan, visited the Black Sea border police last week. She said

“We treat migrants as people who need help, not criminals” 
possibly with an eye to creating a good impression abroad. In fact, they are illegal immigrants and therefore criminals.

Meanwhile Taki's Magazine, to which I sometimes contribute, says this in its leading article.

In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban—who is emerging as a prime contender to snatch Vladimir Putin’s long-held title of The Man With The Biggest Balls In Europe—sent a letter to pervy-looking EU President Jean-Claude Juncker insisting that his nation neither wants nor deserves refugees:
"Hungary is not an immigrant country, does not want to become an immigrant country and cannot accept being forced to change this….[Hungary] has no colonial past….If instead of defending our borders, the European Commission is willing to finance solely measures and organisations that aim to facilitate the admission of migrants, then we will only give incentives to hundreds of thousands of migrants who wish to move to Europe, instead of curbing migration…."
Orban says that many other European leaders agree with him but are terrified to admit it publicly. That seems to be very common these days—that whole thing about agreeing with people but being terrorized into silence. Someone should really do something about that. The situation has become so tyrannical that some would suggest a violent overthrow is the only possible solution; many would agree but would, of course, be terrified to admit it publicly.
I am told the Hungarian government is very corrupt demagogue but on the issue of immigration Viktor Orban is providential. Mark Griffith, an English journalist and who lives in Budapest says he is no worse than the others. The others strongly dispute this.

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  1. The rise of populist or extremist parties, Jobbik in Hungary’s case, is similarly irrelevant to any judgment of Orbán – though not, as we shall see, of Hungary. Such parties have prospered across Europe in response to worries over immigration, economic decline, globalisation and intrusion into domestic politics by the European Union. These developments have evoked both respectable reactions – notably the attempts by parties such as Fidesz and the British Tories to reform the EU along the lines of a decentralised Europe of Nations – and unrespectable ones such as Jobbik and National Front in France. But the European Left finds it hard to distinguish between patriotism, nationalism and neo-Fascism, and the institutions of the EU reflect its misleading and baneful influence. They accordingly tend to treat all political leaders who have nationalist sympathies with suspicion and distaste. But the fact is that the votes Jobbik won in Hungary’s last two elections came disproportionately from the Left when the socialist vote collapsed (as also happened in France where the National Front picked up disillusioned socialist voters).

    John O’Sullivan