Monday, 11 September 2017

Most serial killers read the Guardian


I read the Guardian most days and pray for the day, which will probably come soon, when it goes bankrupt and a malignant tumour is removed from the British body politic.

Lord ('Dear Bill') Deedes, who was a lovely man, found the letters hilarious and began his day happily chortling at them. I have a good sense of fun but I always found them terrifying. They induce despair.

Most serial killers read the Guardian

Well, that is not necessarily true, but Denis Nilson and Harold Shipman do, according to the late Frank Johnson. Johnson thought this was because of a feeling of superiority to ordinary people. Serial killers are driven by hidden rage and the destructive rage of the Guardian appeals to them.

Nihilism is the link. Love of destruction. Hatred of the beautiful.

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  1. No, most serial killers do not read The Guardian.