Friday, 1 September 2017

Proportions of young people who are Muslims in Germany, France and Great Britain

This article makes a case for 14.7% of people under 32 in Germany being Muslim, despite official statistics. This compares to the survey last year in which 25% of 15 year olds in France said they were Muslim. In 2011, the census showed that 8.8% of under 25 year-olds in Britain was a Muslim, a nugget which received almost no press attention.


  1. Is Islam the religion to save the decaying Occident, just s Rome was saved by Christianity? That would be a very sorry outcome thinking of the blood spilled to defend Christianity against Islam over the centuries, not to mention the Christian ideal of tolerance and love being lost in the process.

  2. The future belongs to them that procreate. Germany doesn't have a will to survive anymore. Why feel sorry for them? The irony is that Muslims think they will inherit the wealth and welfare programs of Germany, but not so. People cannot have the benefits of Christendom without the Christianity of Christendom.
    Secular Europe is blinded to these things. They have a worldview that makes it impossible for them to even begin to comprehend the reality. Like a tribe in the Pacific with one word for red-orange-brown, when they saw the different colors and the different names, they were simply not able to comprehend what the people speaking to them were saying at all.

  3. There is one comment to the Merkel post this blog, that made me reflect more on Germany's gilt obsession, and the impossibility of redemption so long as the West/Germany is divorced from Christianity: 'us, Germans are simply more civilized..'. Just like drug addicts that overdose in order to reach the perfect mental state, Germans overdose in order to be seen as 'being more civilized'.